When will 'This Is Us' Season 4 Episode 18 finale air? Here are 10 things that could happen in the end

Titled 'Strangers: Part Two', the finale might leave things on a disastrous note. The official summary reads, 'The Pearsons gather to celebrate Baby Jack's first birthday'

                            When will 'This Is Us' Season 4 Episode 18 finale air? Here are 10 things that could happen in the end

'This Is Us' is all set to wrap up its fourth season with one too many big twists. Titled 'After The Fire', the previous episode shed light on Randall Pearson's (Sterling K Brown) mental trauma after both of his fathers' deaths and focused on his harsh decision for Rebecca Pearson (Mandy Moore).  

Titled 'Strangers: Part Two', the finale might leave things on a disastrous note. The official summary reads, "The Pearsons gather to celebrate Baby Jack's first birthday." Knowing how distant the Pearson family is in the future, the hour-long drama seems to have a sorrowful ending in store for viewers. It will complete the circle of the first episode 'Strangers', which showed a glimpse of grown-up Jack (Blake Stadnik) and his pregnant wife Lucy (Auden Thornton) from the future. 

Eagle-eyed fans are already expecting major turnovers and can't wait to watch the episode on March 24, 2020. "Incoming breakups, huge fights, lasting grudges, deaths oh my god. 'This Is Us' is at least real," one fan said and another wrote, "Holy crap. Emotional stuff happening with both present and future Jack, the big Randall/Kevin fight, a Dr K appearance...all this stuff about to go down, AND we’ll be finding out who Kevin’s future fiancé/baby mama is...I can’t deal. Make the week go by faster."

Justin Hartley as Kevin Pearson and Sterling K. Brown as Randall Pearson (NBC)

Here are 10 things that could happen in the end:

Is Baby Jack fine?

After watching the promo for the final episode, a fan posted, "Something is gonna happen to baby Jack because if you pause it at 0.08, you see the sign in the back round and NICU is a medical hospital emergency center for babies." 

Or is it Jack's wife giving birth?

"I'm pretty sure that was Jack's wife giving birth... What say y'all?" wrote a viewer.

Why is Doctor K visiting the Pearsons again?

Surprisingly, Doctor K makes an appearance in the promo! If you don't remember him, he is the same doctor who helped Rebecca deliver her kids. One fan said, "Great so everyone is sad and pissed next week. It's supposed to be a birthday WTF. Looks like Jack and Rebecca are mourning Kyle, Kate and Toby find out about Rebecca's reluctant choice and seem upset by it, Kevin and Randall and probably going to cut each other out and it looks like Jack II's wife is a having difficult labor. Also, Doctor K always means we're in for an emotional night so yeah. God this is not what we need right now!"

Kate and Toby (NBC)

Will Kate find out what happened with Jack?

"I think Kate will find out about the incident that happened with baby Jack. Of course, we know he'll be fine because of the flash-forward that showed us," one fan wrote. In the future, we see a grown-up Jack, whose wife Lucy is pregnant, so he will be fine.

Will Lucy be under threat or die after giving birth to the baby?

Wondering if the baby and Lucy will be fine, one fan said, "So Toby and Kate have Jack so why are they looking in a glass? What's happening? I hope Lucy doesn't die or the baby dying. Oh man, I am not ready for this episode."

Another noted, "We see Kate and Toby, Toby holding Jack and Jack appears to be the same size as he is now in current time, not a year older or anything, so I think clip is current time. They are not looking through any glass if you look close they are talking to someone in an all-white shirt, and they are at Los Feliz NICU medical center, which is Neonatal Intensive Care ..so could they be bringing baby Jack there for something? Then they switch to the future clip with Lucy (baby jacks wife) in what looks like a delivery room, her eyes r closed n mouth open just laying there, and then they show baby/adult Jack and he looks sad n takes a swallow like something is wrong. Idk if he loses his child or Lucy or both but... : ( they are setting it up to not look good. And if they are bringing up when Rebecca lost a child it makes me think they will show someone else going through that too."

Kate and Toby (NBC)

Will the episode show Kate and Toby's breakup?

One fan wrote, "I think Kate finds out about little Jack choking and she and Tony break up cause she never really trusted him with the baby and he kept it for her."

Does Kate... (gulp) die?

Another fan wrote, "So I’ve been thinking about where’s Kate in the future timeline and I always thought/assumed she is dead," the fan wrote, adding, "In the promo footage was shown where Future Jack and his wife are in the hospital and they are expecting the child. My expectation is: They will have a beautiful daughter and will name her Kate, the same way Kate named her son Jack after her dead father."

Does the clinical trial work or everything just spiral down?

One fan broke down the promo and said, "Current day Kevin and Randall have their big argument. Does Rebecca do what Randall wants her to do or will she change her mind and not do the trial. It's odd that everything they have been saying is in 9 months. In 9 months Kevin has a pregnant fiance, the clinical trial is supposed to be 9 months long, and when we see them 9 months in future cabin clip and Rebecca is there.. so did she end up doing the trial and made it back by the time the big 3 (minis Randall) has their 40th and was worse from the trial, or does she not do the trial and still worsens. So many things to think about !!! The finale is going to be crazy. I do feel like we will see more people from Strangers part 1 in Strangers part 2 but maybe... Strangers part 2 introduces new strangers into the story?"

Sophie, Madison and Zoe (NBC)

Who is Kevin's future fiancée?

His ex-wife Sophie (Alexandra Breckenridge), childhood friend Madison (Caitlin Thompson) or Beth's cousin Zoe (Melanie Liburd) — who could it be?

"I think this is a crossover between Baby Jack's wife having a baby and Kevin's future fiance having one (hence the baby hospital they are at). I think the episode will focus on Baby Jack's wife primarily and in the last minute will show Dr. K holding Kevin's baby and flash to reveal the mother of the baby, therefore, revealing Kevin's fiance. BAM! P.S. It looks like there is a baby bassinet in the background of the Dr K scenes," a viewer posted.

Did Kevin say something really mean to Randall?

"Anyone ever consider the rift might come from Kevin saying some variation of this to Randall: “She’s not really YOUR mother.” It’s the adopted kids nightmare moment, and it has been set up when Kate said that she’d be the only one to pass on jack to a kid. I bring that up, because I kind of lived through that," one viewer wondered. We think this could actually be true.

What do you think? As the episode airs on March 24, 2020, at 9 pm ET on NBC, it may bring answers to all the questions fans have. Or who knows, the showrunners may complicate the heads of fans more than ever with a cliffhanger. 

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