Shocking footage shows NYC thieves ram SUV and steal $20K cash at gunpoint in daring daylight heist

Shocking footage shows NYC thieves ram SUV and steal $20K cash at gunpoint in daring daylight heist
The thieves rammed Mercedez to SUV in the streets of New York (Mad Maad World/YouTube)

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: In a shocking incident, a Mercedez driven by thieves came speeding from the wrong side of the road against the traffic in a high-speed chase on Saturday, September 3, around 4.40 pm. Footage of the incident indicates the robbers have stolen $20,000 in cash from its driver at gunpoint on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. 

The black Mercedes-Benz driven by the thieves rams into an SUV. Later, the assailant steps on the gas and pushes the SUV up onto the sidewalk causing bystanders who flocked to the scene to flee and jump out of the way. The scene shocked bystanders on Second Avenue between 91 and 92 streets of New York City.


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The video clip shows Mercedez ramming into the SUV in such a way that it was forced to turn almost 180 degrees. Watch the video here. The thief armed with a handgun later exits from the passenger side of the Mercedes, approaches another vehicle, and is seen hitting on the glass with the weapon, possibly a hammer, troubling the driver. The police believe that the one who is hitting on the windows could possibly be the assailant. 

The Thief running away after snatching the money from the
The Thief bangs the window of the car (Tig Tag Vision/YouTube)

According to NY Daily Paper,  “He’s got a gun! He’s got a gun!” a witness can be heard shouting in the clip indicating that the thief possesses a gun. The New York Police Department officials informed that the armed robbers left the Mercedes a few blocks away from the crime scene. Later, it was quickly recovered by officers roughly five blocks away, on East 86 Street near Third Avenue. The officers are still investigating the terrifying incident. 

A witness, Nour, told Daily News about the victim, “The guy was in shock — he cannot say nothing. He was just standing in his place,” Nour added, “At first when, when he saw the gun. He got out and he put his hands up.” "The driver of the Mercedes waited behind the wheel for the armed man. The driver was just waiting for him to get inside the car and they took off right away,” Nour said.

Robert Romano, who was working in the greeting card shop in the street, said, “When we were in the store and saw there were guns involved, I told everyone to go to the back of the store. This all happened so fast — maybe it took place over a maximum of three minutes.” 

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