Shocking footage shows mother leading police on high-speed chase with her baby in the car

Shocking footage shows mother leading police on high-speed chase with her baby in the car

The terrifying moment a mother got embroiled in a car chase with the cops while her crying baby was in the backseat was captured on camera. The young mother could be seen fleeing from the authorities in a 100mph car chase before crashing into another car. She then tried to carjack another driver while carrying her baby with her before being apprehended.

29-year-old Caitlyn Rodriguez is reported to have tried evading police capture after they stopped her Mercedes-Benz SUV and found out that she was wanted. She ended up crashing into the back of a pickup truck before jumping out and pulling her infant, who was still in the portable seat, out of the back of the SUV and then ran across the road in front of oncoming vehicles.

The Daily Star reported that the incident took place on June 15 but the original helicopter footage of the chase and the subsequent arrest was only released by the Texas Department of Public Safety on Monday. In the footage, the speeding SUV can be seen trying to avoid a spike strip that was laid out by an officer but the left tire caught some of the spikes.

The vehicle manages to race across a median and onto the nearby slip road as the wheels on the left side can be seen lifting off the road slightly due to the speed. The SUV can then be seen driving on the wrong side of the road and then jumping a red light just as the busted tire completely breaks up. This causes the car to smash against a truck at the red light and then, a few seconds later, Rodriguez can be seen hopping out of the car and running to the back to get her baby.

She struggles as she carries the baby in the portable seat and runs across the road with traffic pausing to let her pass. The mother gets in the way of a white SUV and can be seen opening the passenger side door of the car and jumping in with her baby. Her attempt at carjacking comes to an abrupt halt after the vehicle gets surrounded by the police brandishing their service weapons.

The driver of the attempted carjacking car, also a mother, can be seen hurriedly jumping out of her vehicle and then running to retrieve her own daughter who was in the back seat. Rodriguez is pulled out of the vehicle by an officer and then wrestled to the ground before another officer gets the uninjured infant out of the car. 

Rodriguez was charged with child endangerment, evading arrest, and possession of a controlled substance. The baby has since been given to Child Protective Services. The authorities in Bexar County then confirmed that the young mother had been wanted on an open felony warrant.

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