'There's Someone Inside Your House': A look at Netflix adaptation of horror novel

'There's Someone Inside Your House': A look at Netflix adaptation of horror novel
Sarah Dugdale as Katie Koons in 'There's Someone Inside Your House' (Netflix)

In recent times, Hollywood has been capitalizing on the young adult book genre by adapting several popular book series for big-screen franchises. Some of the titles have garnered a lot of success in the recent past and created a lot of buzz in the same demography as well.

Movie franchises such as ‘Harry Potter’, ‘The Maze Runner’, ‘Lord of the Rings’, ‘Twilight’, ‘The Hunger Games’ have been massively successful at the box office and garnered several accolades as well. The success of the aforementioned titles has prompted Netflix in adapting another popular title for the viewers. Titled ‘There’s Someone Inside Your House’, the horror movie revolves around a student named Makani Young (Sydney Park) and her friends getting ready for celebration as Prom is just around the corner. However, a dangerous killer is trying to make their lives harder by threatening them to expose their dark secrets in front of the whole world.



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Will the group be able to save themselves from the killer and the embarrassment? That’s the whole premise of the movie and it is based on the book of the same name written by Stephanie Perkins. Let’s dig a little deeper and get to know more about the book.

Makani Young as Sydney Park in 'There's Someone Inside Your House' (Netflix)



The entire town of Osborne, Nebraska, is completely shocked after the brutal murder of a student named Hayley Whitehall and all her friends, including Makani, are devastated to learn what happened with Hayley. When it seems that things are getting back to normal in the town, another student named Matt Butler gets murdered, and shockingly, he is killed inside the school premises.

During Matt's murder investigation, every student and member of staff at Osborne High is questioned by the Osborne PD including Makani, but she is nervous, thinking that the police including Ollie’s brother, Chris Larsson might uncover secrets from her past. Ollie heads back to his along with Makani and talks about the entire situation. The investigation is being handled by Oliver’s brother, Chris, who is a police officer. Makani sees a file at Ollie’s house and gets to know about all the gruesome details about Hailey’s murder.


A few days later, another student named Rodrigo is murdered and the entire group of friends is divided due to some confusion. However, things get really bizarre when the killer, one by one, comes for the entire group and even kills other people as well. They realize that they are dealing with a serial killer, who’s killing for fun.

However, there is a whole another dark twist behind all this and no one knows about it. Is Makani and everyone else be able to save themselves from the killer? Or were they slaughtered by the deadly killer?


Novel received solid reviews

Stephanie Perkins’s horror novel received acclaim from the critics as well as readers as well. A lot of critics praised the author’s writing and stated the book feels like a homage to classic slasher films like ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ and ‘Scream’.

New York Times best-selling author Stephanie Perkins (Rachel Scroggins/stephanieperkins.com)


On the other hand, readers believed that the book was filled with amazing twists and turns that made the book even more interesting.

Perkins was ‘excited’ about the film adaptation

In a recent interview with the director Patrick Brice, he revealed author Stephanie Perkins was really excited that her book is being adapted into a Netflix movie. He also noted that Perkins visited the set and loved the fact that the film was going to be a bit different from the source material.

“The fact that she was really excited about that and loved the ways that it was different from the novel was a relief because you bear a certain sense of responsibility taking this thing from this one person's head and turning it into a movie,” Brice said.


When is the movie releasing on Netflix?

‘There’s Someone Inside Your House’ starring Sydney Park will be releasing on Netflix on Wednesday, October 6.

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