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'The Wrong Missy': David Spade's hair steals the show, viewers can't get over shocking makeover

Spade plays a 40-something corporate employee, Tim Morris, in the film and gets a complete makeover to fit his role
UPDATED MAY 15, 2020
David Spade (Getty Images/Netflix)
David Spade (Getty Images/Netflix)

Netflix's new comedy, 'The Wrong Missy', which released on May 13 has generated a whole lot of buzz, with fans taking to social media to share their thoughts on the film. While many people think the film is "absolutely incredible" and "laugh-out-loud-funny", the latest offering from director Tyler Spindel and produced by Adam Sandler's Happy Madison Productions is also garnering attention for an entirely different reason - David Spade's hair!

Spade plays a 40-something corporate employee, Tim Morris, in the film and gets a complete makeover to fit his role. His face is shaved clean devoid of the beard that we know makes David Spade, David Spade. His signature messy, slicked-back quiff is traded for the common side-parted floppy hairstyle sported by literally every middle-aged man. Basically, the question that's nagging fans is 'where the heck is David Spade's hair?' The answer to that is a whole bunch of mixed reactions to his new look.

"Like I legit just Googled "David Spade plastic surgery" because I'm watching #TheWrongMissy and there was something "wrong" about him that I couldn't quite put my finger on? Turns out it's just him with no facial hair. I'm having mixed feels here," a fan said.

"So you’re saying no one else notices that David Spade looks like a whole a** new person without his mustache??" another added. 


"I can't take my hair in this. I look like Bob Costas and Bob Odenkirk in 'Better Call Saul'", Spade tweeted, to which a fan replies  "Wtf is up with the hairstyle? Made you look like one of those guys who would stand behind a bush and watch a female shop all day..."

Another fan went the extra mile with express his true feelings and wrote in a tweet, "I have loved and enjoyed everything you have worked on, especially all your Chris Farley collaborations, however, your hair in "The Wrong Missy" made me wanna throat punch you."

"So David spade without a facial hair is literally Edward with that information as you will #TheWrongMissy," another user quipped. 

This fan's review of the film directly corresponds to Spade's new hairdo. "It’s is very funny! The movie and your hair...", they opined.

It may as well be a conspiracy theory, with not much evidence to back it up, as this fan says, "I'm still not adjusted to David Spades hair. I need more information."