'The World's Best': Three acts that deserve another chance on James Corden's talent show

'The World's Best' is hosted by James Corden and features Drew Barrymore, RuPaul Charles, and Faith Hill as judges

                            'The World's Best': Three acts that deserve another chance on James Corden's talent show

In less than a week, 'The World's Best' will air its grand finale. Hosted by famous talk show host James Corden, the series showcases talent from all around the world in different genres. The contestants are judged by Drew Barrymore, RuPaul Charles, and Faith Hill, who are helped in this monumental task by a panel of 50 experts known as the "Wall of the World."

With the Battle rounds and the first set of Championship rounds done and dusted last week, we will get to see the second set of Championship rounds when the series returns on Wednesday.


Ahead of the next episode on Wednesday, here are three acts who we think should make a

comeback to 'The World's Best' stage. Not just because they are fan favorites but also because of their undoubtedly amazing talent.


TNT Boys

The TNT Boys captured hearts of fans and judges ever since their first performance on 'The World's Best' stage. From being a group of three pre-to-early-teenage boys with voices that leave everyone spellbound, the TNT Boys left a lasting impression on the judges and fans. 

While performing their version of Jessie J's 'Flashlight' for the championship round, the TNT Boys showed off their vocal range and hit pitches that no one imagined they would. Sadly, it wasn't enough for them to advance onto the finals. They lost to the acapella group Naturally 7. Their elimination from the show came as a shock to fans and viewers all over.  It would be great to see them perform on stage one last time during the finale. 



Liliac Band 

Liliac Band is the first family rock band on 'The World's Best'. The band consists of three brothers and two sisters — 19-year-old Samuel Cristea as the lead guitarist, Abigail Cristea, 18, as the drummer, 16-year-old Melody Cristea as the bassist and lead vocalist, Ethan Cristea, 11,  as the rhythm guitarist and 10-year-old Justin Cristea as the keyboardist.

There is no doubt that these kids are talented. Each of their performance on 'The World's Best' was highly energetic and radiated power. Being a rock band, they gained the judges' and audience's attention from the beginning. It was really sad to see them go because they had a lot more to offer than what we had witnessed. It would be great to see them come back on the stage because, if they do, they will surely bring the roof down with their performance. 



Justin Flom

Justin Flom stunned everyone with his magic tricks since day one. The one trick which he will be remembered for most is his Championship performance where he made James Corden swallow a string and pulled it out from a hole in his arm.

He was one among the best acts that night and deserved a chance at the finale instead of Nina Conti, the ventriloquist. While the eliminations of the TNT Boys and Liliac Band were forseen, Flom's elimination came as a shock to everyone. Fans were appalled by the judges' decision. He had everyone hooked to the screen from the start to the end. We cannot wait to see what trick he would pull out of his bag if he ever gets a chance to come back and perform during the finale. 


'The World's Best' airs on CBS every Wednesday. Check your local listings for more information. 

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