'The World's Best': Top 3 performances that stood out in episode 5, as TNT Boys get eliminated

'The World's Best': Top 3 performances that stood out in episode 5, as TNT Boys get eliminated

'The World's Best' is off to a great start. The reality TV competition series, that is hosted by famous talk show host James Corden, showcases talent from all around the world in different genres. Judged by Drew Barrymore, RuPaul Charles, and Faith Hill, they are helped in this monumental task by a panel of 50 experts known as the "Wall of the World." These experts are professionals who hail from different genres in the entertainment industry and will facilitate the judges in deciding the winner.

On Wednesday, the series aired its final battle round that was followed by the first championship round for the categories Solo Variety and Group Music Performances. While many were cheering for their favorite acts, we did get to witness some shocking performances, that deserved to stay in the competition and some breathtaking performances that made it through to the Championship rounds and into the finals. 

While we wait for more breathtaking performances next Wednesday, here is a rundown of the Top 3 performances that stood out this week.


Vonnie Lopez and the High Praise Choir

'The Heavenly Voice' — like Lopez is known by everyone who has ever heard her sing — mesmerized everyone with her performance of 'Amazing Grace' on The World's Best. With the voice of an angel, Lopez managed to even win the battle against Liliac Band, which came as a surprise to many. But nonetheless, Lopez deserved the win because of her powerful notes and high pitch range. After her performance, she received a total of 83/100 points and had an easy sail into the championship round. 



Naturally 7

The acapella group had already performed during the second round of battle rounds and moved into the championship rounds. Competing against Vonnie Lopez and fan favorite the TNT Boys, Naturally 7 won the championship round and moved into the finals. Performing their version of Coldplay's 'Fix You', they delivered a heartfelt performance that left everyone with goosebumps. Their voices were in sync and were smooth with no glitches. The judges were left spellbound after their performance. Gaining a total of 75/100, Naturally 7 headed into the finals with a spot well deserved. 



Nina Conti 

While some imagined this ventriloquist's performance to be monotonous and boring, she really did step up the game for her championship performance. Starting off, she used her same technique of chatting with the audience and called four of them to come on-stage. As they arrived, one by one, she assembled puppet masks on their faces and then began the fun.

Talking in four different voices and accents, she stepped up her game. Competing against Li Wei and Justin Flom, Conti won the championship rounds with a total of 71/100. Though Conti brought out all the tricks in her bag for this performance, we can't wait to see what she pulls for finals, if she is to win. 


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