The World's Best episode 5: Some fans didn't approve of Nina Conti making it to the finals over Li Wei, Justin Flom

The World's Best episode 5: Some fans didn't approve of Nina Conti making it to the finals over Li Wei, Justin Flom

The World's Best started off great, and is now coming to an end. Hosted by famous talk show host James Corden, the series showcases talent from all around the world in different genres. Judged by Drew Barrymore, RuPaul Charles, and Faith Hill, they are helped in this monumental task by a panel of 50 experts known as the "Wall of the World." These 50 expert judges are professionals who hail from different fields in the entertainment industry and will help the judges in deciding the winner.

On Wednesday when the series aired with its 5th episode, fans and viewers got to witness the final battle round that was followed by the first championship round for the categories Solo Variety and Group Music Performances. It was quite an exciting episode as we did get to see a lot of breathtaking and mesmerizing performances.


After the Battle rounds, the Championship rounds commenced, and while every act gave their best, fans are not happy with one particular act that made it through the championship round and into the finals. And that act is none other than Nina Conti the ventriloquist.

Nina Conti entered the stage with a lot of tricks up her bag, but some found her monotonous and boring. When it came to the Solo Variety, some fans preferred Li Wei or Justin Flom to win the championship round. Justin Flom stunned everyone with his magic tricks. He made James Corden swallow a string and pulled it out from a hole in his arm. Judges and viewers were left shocked and he was one of the best acts of the night. Li Wei who was up next stepped up his game by adding wire to his stunts. Sadly, the daredevil didn't improvise his tricks which left everyone disappointed

Conti for her championship performance called four people from the audience to come up on-stage. And one by one, she assembled puppet masks on their faces and then began the fun. Conti spoke in four different voices and accents.


It wasn't an easy task to do. But even though she did do her best, fans were not in favor of her. "She wasn’t good from the start. Lei Wei was the best, but between her and Justin, Justin was better," wrote a fan. While another added, "Sorry but I don't know how she even made it past the first round."

Conti won the championship rounds with a total of 71/100. And even though a few fans didn't favor her, Conti still received appreciation and support from others, because handling four puppets and doing a voice modulation for each of them is not an easy job. She must have had a lot of practice.


"#TWBNina is great so I don't see why people are hating [on] her if u don’t like that’s fine but no hating on her," said a fan. Another added, "@WorldsBestCBS @ninaconti #TWBNina was so funny and so great. She is one of my favorites that has been on #WorldsBest so far [and] they have had some great acts on #WorldsBestCBS @DrewBarrymore @FaithHill @RuPaul @JKCorden" 

Now that Conti has advanced into the finals, after winning the Solo Variety championship, we cannot wait to see what she brings to the table for the finale. 

'The World's Best' airs every Wednesday on CBS. Check your local listings for more information. 

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