Niagara Falls: Woman DELIBERATELY drove into freezing river, efforts on to remove car

Niagara Falls: Woman DELIBERATELY drove into freezing river, efforts on to remove car
The woman who died after crashing into Niagra Falls seems to have done it deliberately (Twitter)

On Wednesday, a woman died after her car got stuck on the rocks near the Niagara River. In an attempt to save her, a coast guard diver was lowered down from a helicopter; however, she was pronounced dead when she was brought to land. However, it seems that the car was driven into the water intentionally. 

On Thursday, investigators said that the woman appears to have driven the car into the freezing waters deliberately. The woman seems to be in her 60s and died after her car plunged into the waters near Niagara Falls, and now investigators say that it was not the result of an accident. Even with all the recovery efforts being put to retrieve the car, it seems that the vehicle is approaching the edge of the fall


Viral video shows woman, 66, being pulled from car stuck at the edge of Niagara Falls

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The New York State Parks police have also reported that the car has flipped over and moved closer to the American Falls, one of the three waterfalls which together make up the Niagara Falls. The cause and manner of death of the woman are yet to be determined but she was identified using a drone. 

A diver in an orange suit was lowered near the car and after circling around the car, he was able to catch hold of the driver's side door and open it. Diver Derrian Duryea said, "As I was coming down I was just really focused on how am I going to get in this car when there's, you know, pretty much rapids coming over the car right next to Niagara Falls." He added that his main focus was to see through which door or window he would be able to get inside the car. 

The woman was saved by a diver who was lowered using a helicopter (Credit: Screenshot from The New York Post/ Twitter)

Further, he added, "Luckily, the car was unlocked and I didn't have to break out any windows and I was able to open the passenger side door and push it up against the current." 


The woman was the only person inside the car as it entered the Niagara river between two bridges. The woman was a local, however, her address was not revealed. Afterward, she was taken to Erie County Medical Examiner's Office for review. 

Meanwhile, the authorities are trying to work with other agencies to figure out a way to remove the unidentified vehicle from the waters. Currently, the car is almost fully submerged and no one is able to identify the car model or brand. The police also said on Wednesday evening that there were no plans for the authorities to monitor the car or the area for the next couple of days. 

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