Man who chopped off his pregnant wife's arm before trying to swim to Canada has been arrested on attempted murder charges

The doctors were able to attach the woman's severed arm but not her fingers which had been chopped off by her husband from hell

                            Man who chopped off his pregnant wife's arm before trying to swim to Canada has been arrested on attempted murder charges
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A man in the US who was caught while trying to swim across the border to Canada after he allegedly cut off his pregnant wife's arm with a steak knife, was taken back to his hometown of Brooklyn to face an arraignment. 35-year-old Yong Lu was arraigned on charges of attempted murder and assault at the Brooklyn Criminal Court on June 25. The authorities have said that the vicious attack on Li Yang, his pregnant wife, started after he lost his temper at the family apartment on 55th St. in Sunset Park, Brooklyn on June 21.

Lu has been alleged to have used a steak knife to chop off Yang's right arm at the bicep and then proceeded to cut off two of her fingers on her left hand. The authorities have said that she was immediately rushed to the Bellevue Hospital where the doctors on call were able to reattach her severed arm, the Daily Mail reported.

The man went on the run and was arrested after the police were involved in a manhunt that lasted for two whole days. Lu was found by the authorities loitering inside a food court at the Niagara Falls and was arrested at 7:45 pm on June 23. When he was being arrested, he had a life jacket with him that he had recently purchased at Walmart.

The Niagara Falls Reporter reported that the authorities believe Lu was planning to use the life jacket he had bought to swim across the Niagra River and make a run for it to Canada. Investigators have said that the man had initially tried to coax a bus driver to let him hide in the luggage compartment of a bus that was on its way to Canada. The bus driver, thankfully, refused to give in to his request and immediately called the authorities.

According to the police, 31-year-old Yang had been waiting for their 7-year-old son to finish school for the day when her husband suddenly lost it and attacked her around 12:20 p.m. A neighbor heard the commotion coming from their apartment and called 911 instantly. By the time the responding officers reached the scene, however, Lu had disappeared. Yang was immediately rushed to the Bellevue Hospital and was put in a medically-induced coma while her arm was reattached, according to the New York Daily News.

 Police, meanwhile, were looking for help and had asked for help from the public before he was finally apprehended.

Yang and the unborn child are said to be in a stable condition at the moment. The couple's neighbors have said that they already have children who go to school and that they have lived in the Sunset Park apartment for almost two years now. The neighbors also said that the family has not been socially active so not much else is known about them for the time being.