Viral video shows woman, 66, being pulled from car stuck at the edge of Niagara Falls

The Coast Guard diver pulled the woman out of the car which was stuck on rocks about 100 feet from the edge of the waterfall

                            Viral video shows woman, 66, being pulled from car stuck at the edge of Niagara Falls
A US Coast Guard diver pulls a body from a submerged vehicle stuck on the rocks just metres from the brink of Niagara Falls (Stephen T Watson /Twitter)

Warning: Graphic content

In a tragic accident, a 66-year-old woman was rescued by first responders on Wednesday, December 8, when her car was stuck on the rocks near the Niagara River just about 50 yards from going over the edge. However, she was pronounced dead when she was brought to land. In an attempt to rescue the woman, a Coast Guard diver was lowered down from a helicopter. 

Several videos on social media show the frightening moment when the woman was stuck in the car for about two hours in freezing temperatures and constant snowfall. The location was on the American side near Prospect Point, New York. Stephen Watson, a Buffalo News reporter, shared a post on Twitter that documented the horrifying moment that showed the car with its trunk open just a little away from the falls. "Waiting at a scary scene at the American Falls. A car is in the Niagara River near the brink of the falls. No official word yet but it is believed to be occupied. Unclear how it ended up in the water. (See it in the center of photo just above firefighter helmets.)," Watson wrote. The video of the rescue was later removed from his timeline. 


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How the car got stuck in the river is unclear, but the roads in Niagara Falls were slippery due to the snow (@buffaloscribe/Twitter)


As a Coast Guard chopper hovered over the car, a diver lowered down and pulled the woman out of the car. She was reportedly the only occupant of the vehicle. "Air Station Detroit helicopter crew members hoisted one female from the vehicle in the Niagara River and transferred her to local EMS. The individual was pronounced deceased on scene. #USCG," he U.S. Coast Guard Great Lakes division tweeted. 


How the car got stuck in the river is not clear yet. However, the roads in Niagara Falls were slippery that day due to the snow. Police confirmed that a drone was used to figure out whether or not there was an occupant in the car.



The US Coast Guard diver is seen lifting the woman from the submerged vehicle (Screenshot New York Post/Twitter)

Witness reports revealed to cops that a car entered the water between the Goat Island pedestrian bridge and the vehicle bridge on the American side of the falls. The woman who died has not yet been identified, but she is reportedly local to Western New York. The car remained about 50 yards from the falls' edge even after the woman's body was taken out. In a tweet, Governor Kathy Hochul thanked first responders. She said that the New York Power Authority lowered the levels of the Niagara River and helped in the rescue mission. "Saddened by the tragic loss of life at the Niagara River today. Thank you @nystateparks, @NYSPolice, @USCG, New York State Fire, Niagara County, & AMR Ambulance for your swift and heroic actions, and to @NYPAenergy for lowering river levels to assist first responders," Hochul wrote.