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'The Weekend Away' Ending Explained: Did Beth kill Kate? SHOCKING killer stuns everyone

Kate vanishes after a night of too much drinking and now Beth is being accused of killing her. did she kill Kate?
Leighton Meester as Beth in 'The Weekend Away' (Netflix)
Leighton Meester as Beth in 'The Weekend Away' (Netflix)

Based on the novel of the same name by Sarah Alderson, ‘The Weekend Away’ revolves around two best friends, Beth (Leighton Meester) and Kate (Christina Wolfe), who go out for a vacation in Croatia to take some time off of their hectic schedules. However, everything turns upside down when Kate vanishes and Beth doesn’t even have an idea about what happened last night.

Beth and Kate go out for a party where we get to know that Kate is divorced and still living a lavish lifestyle with the help of her ex-husband’s credit cards. Meanwhile, Beth, who is married and has a child, is also going through a rough patch because she and her husband haven’t had sex in almost a year. So, they go inside a bar and two guys hit on them. Beth is not comfortable, but Kate tells her to enjoy the night. They all drink together and end up getting back home with two guys.


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The next day, Beth gets up and sees that Kate is not around. She is in her lingerie and doesn’t remember what happened last night. She looks at every corner of the apartment, but she is nowhere to be seen. Also, she sees broken glass on the carpet and some bloodstains. So, what happened to Kate? Is Kate okay? Or is she in some kind of danger?

Let’s take a look.

Christina Wolfe as Kate and Leighton Meester as Beth in 'The Weekend Away' (Netflix)

‘The Weekend Away’ Ending Explained: Did Beth kill Kate?

As soon as Beth gets to know that she has vanished, the only thing she remembers is Kate calling her “bitch”. She doesn’t remember why she said that. When she couldn’t find her, she called her husband Rob and told him everything. Rob knows Kate and how she always seeks attention. So, he feels that she must have done for attention. But Beth feels that something bad has happened to her.

She called the taxi driver Zain (Ziad Bakri) and went to the police station. She meets the police officer Pavic (Amar Bukvic) and tells her everything. He feels that Kate is someone who can’t be trusted and must have gone with the guys. They can’t write a report before 24 hours.

Beth and Zain get together to solve the mystery. They visit the same club and ask about the two guys Kate and Beth met there. The person at the bar tells them the guys they met were escorts. Beth can’t believe that Kate hired escorts for the night and remembers that she kept on telling her to enjoy the moment. Zain calls both guys to a restaurant for a meeting and they come. However, they run away as soon as they see Beth. Zain and Beth run after them and manage to get hold of one of them.

A still from 'The Weekend Away' (Netflix)

The guy tells them that they didn’t drug her and only took away Kate’s purse after the meeting. He also reveals where they sold the purse and phone. Beth takes both the items and returns to the apartment. The apartment owner, Sebastian, tells her that it’s checkout time and she should leave. She tells him that she will be living in the city and will stay in a hotel. Sebastian says that he has a spare room in his apartment and she can live there until everything sorts out.

She wants to go through her phone, but she’s unable to open it because it requires a Face ID. The same night, we see Rob coming to Croatia and meeting Beth so that he can help her. However, everything turns upside down when the police find Kate’s body. They both see her body and get really emotional. After the news, Rob leaves for home while Beth stays. Beth gets an idea and sees Kate’s body again and she wanted to be there alone as she wanted to say her final goodbye.

But she took the advantage of that moment and opened the phone through her phone. Beth went to the bathroom and found that her husband was having an affair with Kate. She calls Kate’s ex-husband, Jay, and talks about it. Jay tells her that he knew about the affair and it was Kate who started it. The next day, the police arrive at her apartment and tell her that she is being arrested for the murder of Kate.

A still from 'The Weekend Away' (Netflix)

They interrogate her and tell her that she took the help of Zain, who has connections to the Albanian crime gang, and feel that she killed Kate. Beth says that she didn’t and she had no reason to do that. But the police say that she did have a reason and the reason was her husband’s affair with Kate. She was stunned after hearing that and couldn’t believe they know that. They let her go as they didn’t have enough evidence, but they take her passport so that she stays in the city.

Meanwhile, Zain has entered her room and tells everything about him. He saved the life of a little boy once, who turned out to be the son of a mafia, and he helped him in reaching Croatia. Since then, the police believes that he had connections with them, but he didn’t.

Beth calls Rob and confronts him about the affair. Rob tells her that he is sorry and he never loved Kate. She gets really upset and lies down on the bed. Then, she realizes that she never told anyone about the affair, except Jay, but he never told the police about it.

Luke Norris as Rob and Leighton Meester as Beth in 'The Weekend Away' (Netflix)

She goes through the room and finds that there is a camera fitted in her room. The owner was heading out for work and she managed to take the key to his secret room. As soon as he leaves, Beth enters the room and finds out that he has been recording everything. With the help of the recordings, she finds out what happened that night.

First of all, Beth never had sex with any of the guys and she passed out as soon as they reach home. Kate had a good time with them and as soon as she went into the bathroom for a shower, they both took her purse and ran away. She found out what happened and while trying to catch them, a glass breaks down and injures her. She goes after them in a taxi and ends up going to the police station. In the end, she sees a car dropping someone off at the apartment and that’s when Sebastian enters the room and finds out Beth has seen everything. Sebastian tries explaining to her why he did that and deletes the videos. Beth pushes him and injured him. As soon as she reaches outside, Zain is there to pick her up and they take off.

They meet the taxi driver who picked up Kate from the apartment and he tells them that he took her to the police station. At the exact moment, the news shows that Beth is the primary accused in Kate’s murder and is missing. Police reaches there and try to catch them, but they managed to evade the officers. She sees one of the cars of the officers and realized that it was the same car that dropped Kate at the apartment.

She tells this to Zain, who tells her to call a lawyer and meet her. After that, Zain tries to distract the police while Beth runs away. However, Pavic catches her and tells her not to move or he’ll shoot her. Beth says that she knows that he is the one who killed her best friend. She also says that he wanted to make a pass at her and when she declined, he murdered her. They get into a scuffle and in the process, he loses control and falls down. He dies immediately.

One of the senior police officers tells Beth that Pavic was accused of sexually assaulting many women in the previous department and when the authorities couldn’t find anything conclusive, they didn’t fire him. They transferred him to the Tourists department.

Beth leaves the country and visits Rob. She goes to the bathroom and searches for her car keys. However, she manages to find a part of the necklace that she gave to Kate during the holiday. She finally realizes that it was Rob who killed Katie and Rob confesses to his crime. But Rob didn’t know that she already had called the police and the officer heard everything on the phone. Beth hits Rob and leaves the house.

The police arrive and take Rob into custody.