What is Lennie James' net worth? 'Fear The Walking Dead' actor earns $90K per episode

What is Lennie James' net worth? 'Fear The Walking Dead' actor earns $90K per episode
Actor Lennie James attends the THREE Empire awards at The Roundhouse on March 19, 2017 in London, England (Photo by Jeff Spicer/Getty Images)

'Fear The Walking Dead' is the spinoff to AMC's original series 'The Walking Dead'. Although not having the same popularity and viewers like it used to have initially, the show still brings in a hefty amount of viewership that can contest other successful shows.

'Fear The Walking Dead' starring Lennie James follows a group of survivors all across a wasteland as they deal with zombies also known as Walkers with their limits being tested continuously. As a horror show, it has plenty of spine-chilling moments that will have your heart in your mouth. The series has also served as the booster for many actors who rose to prominence after their roles in this tale of tragic survival.


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Lennie James' successful career

Lennie James' career started in the late ‘80s, with a minor role in the anthology drama series 'Screenplay'. He then went on to portray Baptiste in the TV mini-series “The Orchid Child”. The '90s went by with him trying to establish himself by appearing in a number of popular TV series and films. He then got his first major role as Cliff Morgan in the TV series “Civvies” in 1992. The British actor slowly built himself and rose to stardom in the next few years. He featured in the highly-acclaimed action-adventure film 'Sahara', starring Matthew McConaughey, Penelope Cruz, and Steve Zahn. In 2006 he secured his most prominent role as Robert Hawkins in the TV action-drama series 'Jericho', featuring in all 30 episodes of the Primetime Emmy Award-nominated series. In recent times, James portrayed Mister Cotton in the highly anticipated sequel to 'Blade Runner', titled 'Blade Runner 2049'. He is most popular for his role as Morgan Jones in 'The Walking Dead ' and 'Fear The Walking Dead'.


What is Lennie James' net worth?

Lennie James is estimated to have a net worth of around $4 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. James has been a regular cast of the popular AMC series 'The Walking Dead' since Season 6 after making appearances as a recurring member in the previous five seasons. Regular cast members were paid at least $90,000 an episode which comes to $1.44 million a season. He was then also seen as a regular cast in 'The Walking Dead' crossover series 'Fear the Walking Dead' as lead character Morgan Jones.

Although he began to earn the big bucks after being promoted in Season 6, Lennie James has had a rich and flourishing career well before he was part of the horror series. James is not just an actor but also a successful screenwriter, and playwright. He created and starred in the Sky Atlantic drama series 'Save Me' which received critical acclaim with its second season, titled 'Save Me Too', winning the BAFTA TV Award for Best Drama Series 2021. His work in numerous movies and shows already provided him with a comfortable salary, before striking gold with 'The Walking Dead' and 'Fear the Walking Dead'.


'Fear The Walking Dead' Season 7 will premiere on October 17, 2021, on AMC, with each episode available a week early via AMC+. You can watch the previous seasons on Amazon Prime Video as well.

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