'The Walking Dead' Season 10 Episode 15: Fans root for Judith as her finale scene with Daryl moves them

'The Walking Dead' Season 10 Episode 15: Fans root for Judith as her finale scene with Daryl moves them
Daryl and Judith (AMC)

Spoilers for 'The Walking Dead' Season 10 Episode 15 'The Tower'

While the episode lacked its action-packed luster, the emotional scenes never fail to bring back the OG vibes - especially if you've watched the show since Season 1. The Judith and Daryl scene warmed fans as we see Judith, who was once this tiny little thing born at a hell of an awkward time of zombies, is not out alone killing walkers. Ah, the baby girl grew up alright!

The duo definitely pulled some heartstrings when it came to the fans, with one tweeting, "@WalkingDead_AMC Hoping there will be a grown-up Judith and senior citizen Daryl spin-off someday! What kind of world would she lead 15 years in the future? I’d like to know! #twd #TheWalkingDead."

As Daryl was checking out the area near the Tower, an abandoned hospital, he finds Judith murking walkers - we don't know how she was out there all alone, she's tiny! Judith does not want to go back in, because she doesn't like the Tower, and while the back and forth is happening, a Whisperer comes their way. While there was some carnage, Judith doesn't like it very much and then finally reveals that she had spoken to Michonne, telling Daryl she doesn't think she's coming back because she's "helping some people."


The sweetest thing was when Daryl asked her why she didn't tell him, she said “Because I was worried you’d leave, too," - cue the tears! "Judith is so cute. Her moment with Daryl was so touching! #TheWalkingDead," tweeted a fan.

Despite not being her biological father, Rick Grimes adopted Judith as his own, caring for and protecting her until his disappearance - so we don't know about you, but we really hoped Rick was here to see her killing walkers. But, Daryl is definitely a second father, as one fan tweeted, "Judith being trained by Daryl is like Gohan being trained by Piccolo. Judith is gonna be THE BADDEST, can't wait for her "Cell saga" #TheWalkingDead."

If you remember Carl and Rick were a dynamic duo, especially as the youngster grew up being trained by his dad. Fans couldn't shake that memory as this duo brought in some hectic and badass memories. One fan tweeted, "It’s tough — I don’t think anything can replace that Rick/Carl dynamic from the comic. Daryl and Judith on our show are very different characters but have a deep connection, and I love watching Cailey and Norman work together. #TheWalkingDead."

And now, for possibly our favorite tweet, a fan said "The moment between Daryl and Judith on #Thewalkingdead should remind everyone that the strongest thing about this show has always been the characters. What a precious moment," along with the sweetest gif of Daryl holding baby Judith as a newborn feeding her a bottle. And with that, we're going to go find tissues and wait on the next episode.


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