Comic-Con 2020: Six 'Fear the Walking Dead' characters who would be better on 'The Walking Dead'

Comic-Con 2020: Six 'Fear the Walking Dead' characters who would be better on 'The Walking Dead'
Maggie Grace, Colman Domingo and Alycia Debnam-Carey (AMC)

Though they may share the same setting, 'The Walking Dead' and its prequel series 'Fear the Walking Dead' are worlds apart. However, that doesn't mean some characters from one show couldn't end up in the other. 

So here's a list of six characters from 'Fear the Walking Dead' who we think would be perfect for 'The Walking Dead':

Madison Clark

Kim Dickens (AMC)

Madison Clark (Kim Dickens) is easily one of the most popular characters on 'Fear the Walking Dead' and even though she was seemingly killed in Season 4, her legions of fans have constantly speculated that she may have survived. To be fair, Madison's death was never technically confirmed onscreen so there is the possibility that this theory might be true.

If so, she would be a very interesting addition to the main show. We can already see Madison and Carol (Melissa McBride) either bonding or turning on each other and either way, we want to see that.


Of all the characters on 'Fear the Walking Dead', Althea (Maggie Grace) stands out as someone truly unique. She is simultaneously an excellent survivor and a person with a unique perspective on the world. The apocalypse hasn't stopped her from pursuing her calling and that sort of determination would fit right in on the main show.


Danay Garcia (AMC)

While Luciana Galvez (Danay Garcia) is most certainly a capable woman, the reason she's on this list is because of the actor who plays her. Danay Garcia has portrayed Lucy with exceptional skill and we honestly think she would fit in perfectly with the main show's cast. 

Alicia Clark

Of all the lead characters introduced in the show's series premiere, there's only one who is still standing. Alicia Clark (Alycia Debnam-Carey) has had quite the journey on the show and while we would like to still have a Clark on 'Fear the Walking Dead', we do feel the character moving to the main show would allow the series something of a fresh start. Plus, if anyone deserves to make their way to the main series, it's the woman who survived all the way from the premiere to the present day.

John Dorie

Garret Dillahunt (AMC)

In a world that's often evil and constantly violent, John Durie (Garret Dillahunt) is an odd one out with his purity of heart. However, he wouldn't be that out of place in the world of 'The Walking Dead' where he would find plenty more righteous people to connect to and we would like to see that happen. 

Victor Strand

Remember how we said we want Luciana on 'The Walking Dead' because of how much we love Danay Garcia? Well, in this case, we equally love both Victor Strand and Colman Domingo, who plays him. This manipulative genius is the one we're all betting makes it to the end for sure and we're also certain that Domingo will make sure we love every second of that journey.

Strand would fit into 'The Walking Dead' perfectly with his antiheroic and mercurial nature making him an equal for Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). In fact, we would be more than happy to watch a whole new spinoff with just Strand and Negan taking a road trip across the apocalypse. Now wouldn't that be something?

Of course, we won't be getting any new details about 'The Walking Dead' Season 10's finale or 'Fear the Walking Dead' Season 6 until their panels during Comic-Con@Home. So we'll just have to keep our eyes open and hope for the best.

'Fear the Walking Dead' Season 6 will premiere August 11 on AMC. 'The Walking Dead' Season 10 finale's release date will be announced during the show's Comic-Con panel on Friday, July 24 starting at 4 pm ET. 

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