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'The Walking Dead' Series Finale: Rick Grimes and Michonne make THRILLING comeback, fans 'can't believe it's over'

'The Walking Dead' creators gave what fans needed to see during the finale and they are super emotional about the thrilling return
UPDATED NOV 21, 2022
Andrew Lincoln as Luke Grimes and Danai Gurira as Michonne Grimes in 'The Walking Dead' Series Finale (AMC)
Andrew Lincoln as Luke Grimes and Danai Gurira as Michonne Grimes in 'The Walking Dead' Series Finale (AMC)

It’s truly the end of an era as AMC’s long-running horror series ‘The Walking Dead’ has finally come to an end and as it just aired its series finale on the network. The series, which began in 2010, ran for 11 seasons and enthralled us with some of the finest moments in recent TV history. However, some believe that the show has been dragged over the years and must have ended a couple of years ago. Nevertheless, the show finally ended with a captivating finale episode that saw deaths, war, zombies, and some massive returns. Yes, the finale saw two major characters returning to the show which made everyone emotional.

So, who made a comeback? And why did they make a comeback during the finale? First things first, the characters who made a return to the show were none other than Rick Grimes and Michonne. The series finale took a dramatic turn in the final few minutes as the viewers saw the return of Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes and Danai Gurira’s Michonne. The scene indicates that both characters were in different places and they were remembering each other through the images of the campfire while writing in the journal. As we take a closer look, we find out that they are using the same journal. The reason we got to know it is that in one scene we see Rick throwing the same journal in a bag and throwing it inside the boat so that the bag cannot be confiscated by the approaching CRM helicopter. A few moments later, we see Michonne with the same bag and the same journal.


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The five-minute epilogue also finds them writing letters to the people they love. In his letter, Grimes wrote, “I think of the dead all the time. And the living who I lost. I tried to get to you and your brother again and again. It's too far for the radio now, I know that. I think about them all every day. Their faces. What I learned from them. How they made me who I am. So much more than all this made me who I am.” Meanwhile, Michonne’s letter to her children reads, “But I still got you, and you got me. We're connected. We're still connected to everybody we ever loved. We'll always be together, even when we're apart. We, together, are the strongest thing. We're love, and love is endless.”

A still from 'The Walking Dead' Series Finale (AMC)
A still from 'The Walking Dead' Series Finale (AMC)

The scene concludes with their narration entwining together. The duo says, “So we, those gone.....All of our lives... ...Those away... ..Become one life.” After that emotional narration, Rick finishes the letter by saying, “We're together.”

The scene concludes with a CRM helicopter finding Rick and telling him to surrender. The pilot says, “Consignee Grimes! You have been located and are instructed to surrender. Remain in place with your hands up.” It is revealed that Rick has reached Pennsylvania and we see another CRM helicopter landing just in front of him. His hands are in the air and he smiles because he knows that they are dealing with the wrong people, as the episode ends with, “We're the ones who live.”

Fans got really emotional after seeing Rick and Michonne on the show. They didn’t shy away from sharing their opinions on social media and hailed the show’s ending. One of the fans wrote, “The Walking Dead is my favorite series of all time and it’s finally come to an end. This ending made me choke up.” Another fan wrote, “This was one of the best-kept secrets I was worried we wouldn't see Rick Grimes return but I'm glad they brought him back for the finale.”



“I cried so many times during @WalkingDead_AMC tonight, I wasn’t prepared for it,” wrote another user. “So yeah. TWD. Was sobbing for a whole hour straight and can’t believe it was finally over. Such a remarkable ending, such great and sad moments, and the return of king Rick Grimes and his queen Michonne. So happy. 12 years of awesomeness,” tweeted another fan. “Rick Grimes returned and Twitter is still up my life is complete I am content,” another fan noted.




Will ‘The Walking Dead’ universe see Rick and Michonne return for more content? Will there be any more spin-offs with these both characters? Let’s wait and watch, but the finale surely sent fans into a frenzy with the return of these two amazing characters.