'The Voice' Season 21: Ariana Grande plots to steal Manny Keith from Team Blake

'The Voice' Season 21: Ariana Grande plots to steal Manny Keith from Team Blake
Manny Keith on 'The Voice' (NBC)

After losing his mother to cancer in 2017, Manny Keith decided to dedicate his 'The Voice' auditions performance to his biggest supporter in life with a soulful rendition of Dua Lipa's 'Break My Heart'. The 32-year-old Florida resident who identifies himself as the biggest Ariana Grande fan in the world was very excited at the prospect of performing before his idol.

Unfortunately for Manny, Ariana didn't turn her chair but country legend Blake Shelton did. Blake was impressed by the way Manny managed to put his own twist to Dua's song. Although Ariana didn't turn her chair, she admitted that she thoroughly enjoyed his performance. Later when she learned that he was her biggest fan, she was instantly filled with regret. She apologized to him for not only not turning her chair for him but also for him having to join Team Blake as none of the other coaches turned for him.


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You can watch Manny's performance here:



But Ariana wasn't ready to throw in the towel just yet. The pop icon declared that she was looking forward to an opportunity to steal Manny from Team Blake and get him on Team Ariana! Looks like we have some fun drama waiting ahead for us. While we patiently wait to see if Ariana does go through her plan of stealing Manny, let us learn more about this Florida resident that impressed the coaches on 'The Voice'.

Who is Manny Keith?

Manny revealed in his introduction segment on 'The Voice' that he was a resident of Miami, Florida, and described himself as the biggest Ariana fan in the world. He also added that he grew up with strong influences of music, as his father is a musician while his mother was a dancer and also sang at Church. But he didn't take to singing until the age of fourteen. He explained that his mother was his biggest supporter and cheerleader when he turned to sing.

He declared that without her love and support he wouldn't be standing on the stage today. When his mother succumbed to cancer in 2017, he was devastated by the huge loss in his life, it took him really long to come to terms with it. He wanted to honor his mother and everything she did for him by performing Dua Lipa's song during the auditions. Manny's father expressed how proud and happy his mother would be watching him take such a huge step in life!

We can't wait to follow Manny's journey on 'The Voice'.

'The Voice' Season 21 airs every Monday and Tuesday at 8/7c on NBC. 

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