‘The Voice’ Season 20 Full Contestant List: Devan Blake Jones to Avery Roberson and the ‘American Idol’ connection

From trained singers to fitness models, the contestants this season are an interesting bunch

                            ‘The Voice’ Season 20 Full Contestant List: Devan Blake Jones to Avery Roberson and the ‘American Idol’ connection
Devan Blake Jones, Ciana Pelekai and Avery Roberson auditioned for 'The Voice' (Devan Blake Jones/Facebook, averyrobersonmusic/Instagram, officiallyciana)

The very popular singing reality show of NBC network ‘The Voice’ is all set for the premiere of Season 20 on March 1, 2021, with judges namely Blake Shelton, John Legend and Kelly Clarkson. Nick Jonas is making his comeback on the show replacing Gwen Stefani as the judge on the big red chair. Carson Daly, like always, will be taking care of the hosting responsibilities.

Team Gwen’s Carter Rubin had won Season 19 of ‘The Voice’, which also made him the youngest male winner ever on the show. If we talk about the wins, Blake Shelton has won the show a record seven times, Kelly Clarkson has three wins, whereas, Gwen Stefani and John Legend each have one win to their name. Nick Jonas, who was a judge in Season 18, still needs to look for a win on the show.

Let's have a look at the fresh faces who will compete in different rounds to life the coveted trophy and be titled the winner of Season 20 of 'The Voice'.

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Judges Kelly Clarkson, Nick Jonas, John Legend and Blake Shelton (NBC)





Gean Garcia

The talented crooner was featured in the promo of Season 20 of the singing reality show and it looks like the judges were left impressed with him. Having said that, it's too soon to comment. Gean Garcia is a 19-year-old singer and just like others, he will be aiming for the trophy. 

Devan Blake Jones

Devan Blake Jones was born in California but raised in Colorado. Jones has been singing since he was 6 years old and he is no stranger to singing reality shows. He earlier competed on ‘American Idol’ in Season 11 and in Season 12.  

Devan Blake Jones was raised in Colorado (Facebook)


Riolana Doyle 

The singer-songwriter is all set to take over the auditions on ‘The Voice’ with her stellar voice. According to multiple reports, Riolana Doyle grew up performing in local theater productions like ‘Frozen’ and ‘Aladdin’.

Riolana Doyle is one of the contestants on 'The Voice' (riolana.doyle/Instagram)

Avery Roberson

Avery Roberson is no stranger to talent reality shows as he has also auditioned for the 'American Idol' bus tour in Columbia, South Carolina in 2019. The talented crooner is a country singer and surely looks like someone with ample experience. Other contestants might need to watch out for him.  




Ciana Pelekai

Some of you recognize Ciana Pelekai as she competed on 'America’s Got Talent’ in Season 4. The 20-year-old singer from Hawaii was again seen on the same show in Season 8 and made it to the quarter-finals. It will be interesting to see, what will her journey be like on ‘The Voice’ Season 20. She has also released songs namely ‘Bluff’ and ‘What’s Wrong with Love’ on streaming sites. 



Kenzie Wheeler

Kenzie Wheeler is a country boy from Dover, Florida. According to multiple reports, he got an opportunity earlier to perform with ACM New Male Artist of the Year winner Riley Green. The 22-year-old crooner dropped his debut album, called ‘Dover’ in 2018 with 10 songs. In 2016, he won the Tampa Teen Idol competition with a performance of Chris Janson’s ‘Buy Me a Boat.’



Emma Caroline 

Emma Caroline is another country singer the viewers will get to see on the show. The versatile crooner from Nashville had released her album ‘Pursue’ in 2017 which debuted on the top 50 charts.

Emma Caroline is a contestant on 'The Voice' (emmacarolinemusic/Instagram)


Keegan Ferrell

Keegan Ferrell currently lives in Nashville and is a pop singer from Fort Wayne, Indiana. Ferrell is a trained singer and he grew up playing classical and jazz piano. Since he has acquired a few skills, he might prove to be one of the top contenders on the show. 



Pia Renee 

The Chicago-based singer Pia Renee had earlier auditioned for Season 7 of ‘American Idol’ where she also earned praises from the usual-strict Simon Cowell. She discovered her talent for music at age six and is completely skilled at playing the bass. The talented crooner also dropped her EP called ‘In Training’ and ‘Enmity’. 

Pia Renee is from Chicago (iampiarenee/Instagram)


Durell Anthony

The Kansas-based singer has been working as a full-time musician since 2016 and has released singles, ‘Dreams’ in 2017 and ‘Speechless’ in 2019. He also sings lead with a San Diego-based Top 40 corporate band called The Mighty Untouchables. Durell Anthony has also performed with Yolanda Adams. 



Andrew Marshall

Andrew Marshall is another contestant the viewers will get to see on ‘The Voice’ Season 20. The singer recently graduated from the University of Massachusetts and has two EPs to his credit. He had also dropped a five-song acoustic project called ‘Letters from Lowell’ in 2018 when he was a freshman in college. 



Lindsay Joan 

The 23-year-old singer from New-York also identifies herself as an actress. She has also released her singles like ‘Run’ and ‘Change My Mind’. Lindsay Joan was born and raised in southern California and she has actively participated in musical theater. In 2014, Joan won a Craig Noel Award for her performance as Natalie in Next to Normal at San Diego Musical Theatre.

Lindsay Joan is an actress (lindsayjoanofficial/Instagram)


Ethan Lively

Ethan Lively is a 17-year-old country singer and his Instagram bio tells us that singing, god and country are his life. On his website Ethan states, “I’m hoping, with your help, to bring a little bit of country back to country music and hopefully have a darn good time doing it.”




Awari’s full name is Julian Awari and he is a fitness model and an Air Force veteran. He hails from Virginia and is a single father to two kids. With his unique vocal and an interesting profile, he might get a lot of love from the audience on the show. 



JD Casper 

JD Casper is another contestant on the show who will try to impress the audience and the judges with his brilliant singing skills. The indie-folk crooner is from Austin, Texas and has been pursuing music full-time for the last few years. He has released songs like ‘No Regrets’, ‘The Ballad of Johnny Hobo’ and ‘Living in the Past’.

JD Casper is an indie-folk singer (jd_casper/Instagram )


Jose Figueroa Jr

Another singer we will see trying to impress the judges is Jose Figueroa Jr. He is a gospel singer and a pastor and he has been performing on stage since he was six years old. Jose has also won the gospel edition of Apollo Amateur Night. His Instagram bio reads: “Multi-Award Winning Gospel Recording Artist.”



Rachel Mac

Rachel Mac is a teenager who has been dedicated to singing for a long time. The 15-year-old crooner is a high school sophomore and she sings Indie and Folk music.




Dana Monique

Dana Monique will be seen in the very first episode of the ‘The Voice’ Season 20. She is a background singer, who grew up in a musical family. The 41-year-old singer was also spotted in the promo of the singing reality show.



 Denisha Dalton

Denisha Dalton will also be seen in the blind auditions of ‘The Voice’ Season 20. The talented singer has a YouTube channel where she posts her cover songs along with makeup reviews. Her Instagram profile tells us how she pours her emotions into her song and how dedicated she is towards her singing career.



Carolina Rial

Carolina Rial has a pretty impressive CV in terms of singing. The 17-year-old pop singer has performed at Red Bull Arena, Marlins Park and MetLife Stadium. She has also made multiple television appearances. Looking at her skills, she can certainly be one of the top contenders on the singing reality show.



Zania Alake

Zania Alake can prove to be one of the most versatile singers on the show as she fuses R&B and jazz perfectly. Apart from her singing, Alake also has quite a good experience working in stage productions as an actress. She has also released a few solo singles where her most recent one is ‘Tempted.’



Victor Solomon

Victor Solomon was spotted in the promo of the singing reality show and he absolutely mesmerised all the coaches after he crooned John Legend’s Academy Award winning song ‘Glory’. Looking at the hype, the 22-year-old might be on the finalist undoubtedly.



Savanna Chestnut

‘The Voice’ has always seen country music singers doing well on the stage and there are a few on this season as well. Savanna Chestnut is also going to be part of the blind auditions where we will see her performing on a country song.  The talented crooner from a small farm town in Kansas previously nominated for Female Vocalist of the Year at the Rocky Mountain Country Music Awards twice. Her Instagram bio reads, “Trusted supplier of sarcasm and country music.”



Cam Anthony

Cam Anthony might be new on ‘The Voice’ show but he is not new to the world of singing and fame at all. Anthony has appeared on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ when he was 12 years old and he also got signed to Dr Dre’s Aftermath Records in the same year. He has also met the Obamas. Cam Anthony was seen in the promo of ‘The Voice’ Season 20 and we can guess he might reach to the top.



Christine Cain

Christine Cain is from Pasadena, California and she loves fusing pop songs with soul. The singer will be seen on the premiere episode of the singing reality show. The 27-year-old crooner is not very active on social media but she is certainly someone to watch out for.



Jordan Matthew Young

Jordan Matthew Young is based out of Austin, Texas and has made a career out of singing. Matthew Young has already hit the road with artists like ZZ Top and Kyle Gass Band. He has also released a bunch of singles namely ‘Settin’ Fire’, ‘Rain or Shine’ among a few others.



Deion Warren

Deion Warren might be absolutely perfect for ‘The Voice’ coach John Legend as he is as powerful gospel singer just like the ‘All of Me’ hitmaker. Looking at his social media post where he keeps sharing his posts on singing, it would not be wrong if he makes it to the finale.



Pete Mroz

Pete Mroz’s Instagram bio reads, “I am a husband, father, friend, golf sales rep and musician! Follow me on this journey of life, love and light!” He has written and recorded five albums and is willing to give a tough fight to other contestants on the show. The 45-year-old crooner’s official website sheds light on his personal life and reads, “I am ... a father, husband, lover of music, lover of people, songwriter, guitar player, photographer, videographer, businessman and a bluesman. My native state is Indiana and I have lived in over 14 states which has really shaped my thinking.  I moved to Nashville, TN when I was 19 years old to be a country music singer. Early on I was influenced musically by Steve Green, Eric Clapton and Garth Brooks.”




Out of the several pop and R&B singers, Ainae will also be seen in the blind auditions with her unique voice. Looking at her social media profiles, it proves how easily she fuses R&B, hip hop and pop. The Washington DC native also has a lot of on-stage experience and therefore, she might be able to pull off a stellar performance on the show.



Bradley Sinclair

Bradley Sinclair lives in Nashville and is dedicated to his music career. He also plays the guitar exceptionally well and has released Christian music. His Instagram bio reads, “In Nashville Creating for the Creator. Friend of Jesus YOU ARE LOVED!”



Raine Stern

Raine Stern will appear in the premiere episode of the singing reality show. The singer-songwriter also has a knack for poetry. In terms of her on-stage experience, the young lady seems to have got a tonne of it. Her Instagram bio reads, “Songwriter, Guitarist, Producer, and Environmentalist.” She might have performed for a lot of bands but she will go all solo on ‘The Voice’ Season 20.



Zae Romeo

Zae Romeo hails from  McKinney, Texas and is a pop artist and therefore it will be interesting to see what he brings to the table when he shows-up for ‘The Voice’ season 20 blind auditions. It will be fun to watch whom will he pick as a coach for him but only if he manages to turn the chairs around.



Corey Ward

The name Corey Ward might sound familiar as the singer had also auditioned for the same show in season 19. Corey Ward will be one of the contestants on the premiere episode of ‘The Voice’ Season 20. He has been pursuing music as a career for the last 20 years and has used it to cope with hardships in life.



Anna Grace Felten

Anna Grace Felten is a 20-year-old artist and she enjoys a pretty huge fan following on TikTok. One of her videos has nearly one million views and we are sure the numbers will only increase after she lands in the blind auditions in front of the judges. Anna Grace has also released a few songs along with covers of popular songs.



Savanna Woods

Savanna Woods has surely given her life to music as she wrote her first song when she was three years old, all thanks to her upbringing in a musical family. Woods has decided to pursue music as a full-time job and along with it she also runs her own production company called Wandering Woods Productions.



Connor Christian

Connor Christian has ample experience in terms of music. The singer also plays the guitar brilliantly and it will be interesting to see whether he only sticks to singing during the blind auditions on the show or will he also bring the guitar to further impress the judges. The newlywed plays a lot of gigs around Chicago.



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