'The Voice' Season 20 Eliminations: Ryleigh Modig gets the boot, upset fans say she 'was robbed'

Out of the 17 artists only nine made it through to the semi finals, and while fans were glad that Dana Monique was saved, they were really upset that Ryleigh Modig didn't make it

                            'The Voice' Season 20 Eliminations: Ryleigh Modig gets the boot, upset fans say she 'was robbed'
Ryleigh Modig did not make it through to the semi finals on 'The Voice' (NBC)

The contestants and judges had a particularly nerve-wracking show on May 11 as the number of contestants was coming down dramatically from 17 artists to just nine. The artist with the maximum number of votes after last night's performance automatically went through to the semi-finals next week. The judges had the unenviable task of choosing the remaining artists. People at home could choose to instantly save one artist, based on their performances during the elimination show.

Ryleigh Modig started out as one of the judges' favorites on ‘The Voice’ with what the judges felt was one of the most unique tones on the show. But it seems that somewhere along the way, Modig may have lost her mojo though fans felt that she still had the potential and talent to make it to the final nine. The Massachusetts singer sang ‘Drivers Licence’ on the first live show on May 10 but it wasn’t enough to keep her safe. 


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First up on stage was Team Blake and no prizes for guessing that Cam Anthony won the most votes for his performance on the first live show. So who was the other contestant that Blake chose for the semi-final? Blake who looked visibly uncomfortable chose Jordan Matthew Young over his former bandmate Pete Mroz. Anna and Pete still had a chance to be saved by America in an Instant Save. Next up was Team Nick and Rachel Mac was saved by the viewers at home. Much to Rachel's own surprise, considering Dana Monique was considered to be quite a hot favorite after her electrifying performance last night. Monique, not surprisingly though, was chosen by Nick Jonas to move on, while Devan Blake Jones, Andrew Marshall and Jose Figuerao Jr competed for the wild card. 

Rachel Mac seems to already have a fan following building up, who are waiting for her first album post the show. One fan tweeted, "Rachel Mac's first record will be in my collection. The ethereal quality of her voice just melts me #TheVoice."


Fans were thrilled that Nick saved Monique, who was one of the strongest performances of the night. One fan tweeted, "i’m SO glad he saved dana. her performance was the best of the night last night. and she is SUCH a performer. good call nick #TeamNick #TheVoice."


Up next was Team Legend and the audience saved Victor Solomon. John Legend chose Pia Renee for the semi-finals. Fans felt that this was exactly how it should have gone. Zania Alake and Ryleigh Modig would compete for the wild card slot. One fan tweeted, "Yes! America and John did this right! America voted Victor through and John chose Pia. #TheVoice."


Up next it was Team Kelly and the man with the mullet, Kenzie Wheeler, emerged as the audience's top choice. Surprisingly, Kelly didn't choose Corey who seems to be her favorite and a fan-favorite as well. Kelly made it clear saying that she based her decision on last night's performance alone and chose Gihanna Zoe to go through to the semi-finals. The remaining contestants then had to go through another heartbreaking elimination process based on who received the most votes from last night. Betweeen Pete Mroz and Anna Grace on Team Blake, Pete received the most votes, meaning it was the end of Grace's journey on the show. One fan tweeted, "anna grace was robbed. she’s been my favorite for so long #TheVoice."


Between Jose Figueroa Jr and Devan Blake Jones on Team Nick, Figueroa Jr received the most votes, meaning it was goodbye for Jones. Modig and Zania Alake were the remaining artists on Team Legend and it was Ryleigh who received the most votes, leading her to compete for the wild card. 

On Team Kelly the competition for the wild card spot was between Corey Ward and Zae Romeo. Ward with the most votes got a chance to compete for the wild card. But while Pete Mroz and Figueroa Jr sang their best notes, fans felt that the competition for the wild card was between Modig and Ward. One fan tweeted, "This is between Ryleigh and Corey #TheVoice." Another tweeted, "Corey and Ryleigh for this final spot...breakin my heart!!! #TheVoice But if I really get down to the nitty gritty, I think Ryleigh will end up being the one to stay."



But while Modig may have been the favorite to win the instant save, the round finally belonged to Corey. Fans however were enraged on Ryleigh's behalf. One fan tweeted, "Ryleigh is SO SO SO much better than most of those who got in. I’m mad. Freaking mad #TheVoice." One said, "RYLEIGH MODIG WAS ROBBED."




Another fan tweeted, "I feel like RYLEIGH wasn't supported one bit ... all the judges fought for her in the beginning and then kelly just threw her to the side, ended up on Johns team, and john claims she is absolutey amazing but then throws her out tonight .. UNFAIR shake for @ryleighmodig."


To find out how your favorite contestants do at the semi-finals next week, you can tune into 'The Voice' on Mondays 8/7c on NBC. 

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