'The Voice' Season 20 Live Playoffs: Will Dana Monique and Cam Anthony reach top 9? Fans root for Team Nick

While many of the contestants failed to impress in this round, fans were glad Monique and Anthony continued to wow the audiences with their singing

                            'The Voice' Season 20 Live Playoffs: Will Dana Monique and Cam Anthony reach top 9? Fans root for Team Nick
Dana Monique and Cam Anthony are frontrunners on Season 20 of 'The Voice' ([email protected]/ [email protected])

The first live show of Season 20 of 'The Voice' was lacking in well, life. After a number of rather lackluster performances, it was finally Team Nick's Dana Monique who livened things up with her performance of 'Free Your Mind'. Monique has been a favorite on the show, but with her fabulous performance on a night when so many of the other competitors failed to impress, she has established herself as a fan favorite. 

In fact, we would even go as far to say that Monique's performance on the live show exceeded that of young Cam Anthony, who is touted by many to be the frontrunner on 'The Voice' this season. 


'The Voice' Season 20 Live Playoffs: Dana Monique saves lackluster show as fans slam singers' song choices

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Fans couldn't have been more grateful for Monique to finally give them an enjoyable and relatable performance. One fan tweeted, "Yass Dana Monique!!!! Best performance of the night #TheVoice." Another fan about Monique's performance tweeted, "Dana Monique was on she sounded phenomenal & so fun to watch! En Vogue is proud! #TheVoice #TeamNick." Fans couldn't stop raving about Monique as another tweeted, "DANA MONIQUE HAD ME STANDING IN MY HOUSE BY MYSELF, SCREAMING my gooooodness #TheVoice."





Anthony doesn't need to worry about his place in the competition either, as he is pretty much expected to make it to the top nine. Commenting on his performance, one fan tweeted, "Been a long time since I have truly LOVED a contestant on #TheVoice but let me just say that Cam Anthony is truly incredible and if he doesn’t win something is very wrong with this show." Another fan tweeted, "#TheVoice #VoicePlayoffs Cam Anthony giving me Usher vibes."




Though there weren't too many contestants who impressed fans, some of the other singers who made an impression were Rachel Mac, Pia Renee and Jordan Matthew Young whose take on Fleetwood Mac's 'Gold Dust Woman' was a hit. Tweeting about Young's performance, one fan said, "Jordan probably has my favorite voice & genre of music. Kelly is right, he makes me miss live music. #TheVoice #TeamBlake."


Pete Mroz of Team Blake won fans' respect as he was one of the few contestants who actually managed to not sound too high pitched. One fan tweeted, "Pete that was a awesome performance you never skipped a beat on your breathing on your pitch was perfect that was great Pete nice job i just voted for [email protected]_mroz on #TheVoice." 


Kenize Wheeler and Gihanna Zoe didn't particularly impress the fans with their performances this time around, but perhaps they will make it through based on the talent they have shown in their prior performances. Corey Ward had his share of fans rooting for him, even if his performance on the live show was not one that created much excitement. One fan about Corey tweeted, "There must be something in the water if @_coreyward_doesn't go though the #VoicePlayoffs !! #TheVoice."


It will be interesting to see if young Anna Grace makes it through. Anna impressed with her rendition of 'Let Her Go' but fans do feel she needs to up her game. One fan tweeted, "Anna Grace has the talent but I feel like she's played it safe throughout the competition. It's gotten her this far but she's going to have to challenge herself as an artist eventually. #TheVoice."


Those who are not expected to make it to the final nine, based on fan reactions, are Team Nick's Devan Blake Jones and Andrew Marshall. One fan said about Devan, "Devan Blake Jones just gave the worst performance in #TheVoice history."


About Andrew's lackluster performance this is what fans had to say. One fan tweeted, "It’s so time for Andrew to leave the voice... these other singers are just outshining him tonight .. nice singer but .. #TheVoic."


For some contestants, it wasn't necessarily a lack of singing talent but a wrong song choice that ruined their performance. Fans felt that Zania Alake's song choice wasn't right for the live show. One fan tweeted, "Zania is one of my favorites, but I don't think this was a good song choice for her. #TheVoice."


Others such as Victor Solomon, Jose Figueroa Jr and Ryleigh Modig may not have had any glaring issues with their performances, but their performances didn't exactly make an impact either. When the audience is voting, it's being memorable that matters. To find out who impressed 'The Voice' fans the most and is making it through to the final nine, you can catch the upcoming episode on May 11 on 'The Voice' on NBC at 8 pm.

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