‘The Voice’ Knockouts 2022: Kevin Hawkins finally joins Gwen Stefani's team after she ‘saves’ him

‘The Voice’ Knockouts 2022: Kevin Hawkins finally joins Gwen Stefani's team after she ‘saves’ him
Gwen Stefani and Kevin Hawkin on 'The Voice' Season 22 (NBC)

UNIVERSAL CITY, CALIFORNIA: ‘The Voice’ knockouts have officially started with Episode 13 as the contestants now face triple the threat. The round pitted Bodie Wade, Kevin Hawkins, and The Dryes as all three artists vie for a spot on Team Blake. ‘The Voice’ has raised the stakes pretty high during the Knockouts as two of the singers are four-chair-turning artists that had previously wowed the judges and fans alike.

All three artists represent different genres. Bodie is pop, Kevin Hawkins sings R&B, and the husband and wife duo, The Dryes, is country music to the core. The round kicked off with Bodie choosing to sing ‘Better Now’ by Post Malone. He managed to sway the coaches, and Camila Cabello even noted, “Rhythmically, you were so on point. It sounded like a record.” Even Gwen Stefani agreed as she said, “Doing a Post Malone song is almost impossible,” and Bodie did it.


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Kevin Hawkins on 'The Voice' Season 22
Kevin Hawkins on 'The Voice' Season 22(NBC)

Next up was Kevin Hawkins’s soulful cover of ‘This Women’s Work’ by Kate Bush. The piano teacher impressed Gwen with his falsetto as she compliments him, “To be able to go from the high notes to the low notes was just excellent.” But John Legend had a few notes for the singer as he points out that although he loves Kevin as a vocalist, his performance felt “just a little disjointed” because he was going back and forth between his falsetto and chest voice so much.

Finally, the stage was set on fire by The Dryes, who sang Ryan Hurd and Maren Morris’ ‘Chasing After You’ and finished the performance with a steamy kiss. The Dryes left Camila “mesmerized”, while John called the performance “sexy, assured, and confident.” Finally, when it was time for Blake Shelton to choose, the coach just said, “This is awful! “You guys all did incredible! Two of you were supposed to suck!” The country virtuoso was evidently having a hard time deciding who to pick. In the end, he picked Bodie, saying there’s no one like Bodie on the show.

Blake also took responsibility for Kevin’s performance, saying he knew the singer would be switching so much with his falsetto. But just as Kevin was about to leave the stage, Gwen and Camila decided to “save” the teary-eyed artist. The two said their reasons were that they just couldn’t let him go. Finally, Kevin picked Gwen since she pressed saved first. Well, Gwen finally got Kevin on her team! The No Doubt frontwoman had tried to snatch Kevin in the hopes to have him on her team from the blind auditions.

Watch the knockout battle below.



‘The Voice’ Season 22 airs every Monday and Tuesday at 8/7c on NBC.

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