The TV series cancelled in 2018 that left us all shocked and heartbroken

When we say shocking, we mean fans have pined and petitioned and even flown planes over network offices to get their favourite shows back after they were axed in the middle.

                            The TV series cancelled in 2018 that left us all shocked and heartbroken

Shocking TV show cancellation 2018: Roseanne (reboot)

It was a jubillant time for Roseanne fans after the show's reboot was announced, but sadly, due to lead actor Roseanne Barr's distasteful, racist remarks about former Obama advisor Valerie Jett, ABC decided to pull the trigger on this hilarious comedy.

Shocking TV show cancellations 2018: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

This was probably one of the biggest twists in the history of plot twists as within a day of Fox canceling this stellar comedy after five seasons, fan outrage and social media petitions drove NBC to pick it up for a sixth season. And all of that happened in 2018 itself!

Shocking TV show cancellations 2018: Timeless (twice)

Almost as if following suit, this time travel science fiction drama was canceled by NBC after its first season, and then picked up for another run. Sadly, it got cancelled by the network, yet again, after the second season. And fans expressed their disappointment and even created signed petitions to continue the show!

Shocking TV show cancellations 2018: Shadowhunters

Freeform canceled this supernatural drama series after its third season and the show ended with a special two-hour final at the close of the second half of season three. The news was so shocking that fans flew a plane with the sign "save Shadowhunters" above the Netflix office!

Shocking TV show cancellations 2018: Designated Survivor

This Kiefer Sutherland starrer was a highly critically acclaimed drama that sat really well with viewers too - probably why it was so shocking when ABC cancelled it after two seasons. Luckily, Netflix picked it up for a third round to the immense joy of fans.

Shocking TV show cancellation 2018: Sense8

Known for its inclusive and diverse cast and plots, this Netflix original became a niche, cult classic right from its premiere in 2015. It was canceled after two seasons, and to give fans a sense of closure, it was concluded with a two-hour special this year.

Shocking TV show cancellations 2018: The Expanse

Based on 'The Expanse' series of novels by James S. A. Corey, this space adventure drama of the future wobbled around from network to network — from Amazon Prime Video to SyFy channel — after gaining cult classic levels of popularity because of its slightly 'Star Wars' like concept. However, it's life was short-lived and it received the cancellation order.

Shocking TV show cancellations 2018: Scorpion

Considering the high octane drama that this show full of geeks was, CBS announcing its cancellation after four seasons came as a massive shock to fans. This Katherine McPhee starrer had premiered for the first time in 2014, and suddenly went conspicuously missing from network's renewal spree.

Shocking TV show cancellations 2018: Quantico

This show defined Indian actress Priyanka Chopra's initiation into Hollywood as FBI agent Alex Parrish, but despite the first season being impressive, it failed to create an impact season two onwards. Three seasons, poor ratings and dwindling viewership caused the ABC show to bid goodbye in 2018.

Shocking TV show cancellations 2018: Shut Eye

This Hulu show suffered the axe after two seasons, despite its riveting drama and themes of a fraud's encounter with clairvoyance and serendipity. Even Isabella Rossellini's impeccable portrayal of the cunning, seductive, and sadistic matriarch of a psychic empire couldn't save the show.

Shocking TV show cancellation 2018: Great News

NBC canceled the workplace/family comedy starring Briga Heelan and Andrea Martin after two seasons, even though it was an immediate hit with viewers because of its light-hearted wit and interesting quips sprinkled here and there throughout the show.

Shocking TV show cancellation 2018: Mozart in the Jungle

Four critically acclaimed years (2014-2016) and the 2016 Golden Globe for best comedy series later, this Amazon Prime show on meandering through love and music in NYC was suddenly played off without any particular reason, right after Jennifer Salke became the president of Amazon Studios.

Shocking TV show cancellations 2018: Disjointed

This Kathy Bates starring Netflix comedy revolving around her role as a lifelong advocate for marijuana legalization could survive just one season on the network, between August 2017 and January 2018. It failed to earn impressive critics reviews as well, despite the concept being hilarious.

Shocking TV show cancellations 2018: Once Upon a Time

Running successfully for seven years since 2011, this ABC fantasy drama based on Disney fairytales but with a dark twist to the basic plots was suddenly canceled prior to the premiere of its seventh season. Packed with drama, it was a total shocker and heartbreak for fans when the news was announced.

Shocking TV show cancellations 2018: The Exorcist

After two seasons of massive popularity, this Fox show was canceled after typically low critics reviews. Created by Jeremy Slater, the twisted psychological and spiritual horror drama first premiered back in the year 2016 and became the lowest rated program this year.