The Tragic Death of Baby Jessica Farrer: One-year-old girl dies after head gets stuck in bed’s bars

The Tragic Death of Baby Jessica Farrer: One-year-old girl dies after head gets stuck in bed’s bars
Jessica Farrer died in early March (GoFundMe)

HERTFORDSHIRE, ENGLAND: A child lost her life after getting her head trapped between the bars of a bed at home. Jessica Farrer was only 17 months old when she breathed her last on March 8. It was a happy Sunday morning on March 5, which quickly turned into a nightmare when the freak bed accident injured the baby girl who had to be rushed to the hospital

The Scottish Sun reported that Jessica was on her mum's bed with her mother Clair Robertson and her eight-year-old brother Daniel on the bed. The toddler was lying close to her brother near the foot of the bed while their 41-year-old mother was near the head. But sometime later, Clair found Jessica was not lying next to her brother anymore.


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‘I screamed for help’

She soon discovered Jessica with her head trapped between the metal bars of the bed. The mother got her out of the bars and called 999. Clair told The Mirror, “I opened the front door and screamed for help. I was very aware it was only me and the children in the house. I started CPR, I had saved two people in the past including my mum with CPR when I was younger, so I just tried to stay calm and started compressions.”


Jessica was then rushed to the Lister Hospital in Stevenage with the help of an air ambulance. But she was later sent to Addenbrookes in Cambridge. Doctors informed the little one’s parents that Jessica suffered miserably because of the lack of oxygen when her head got stuck and her blood had high levels of acid.

‘Significant changes in her brain’

Clair, who is an ex-recruitment manager, shared, “The doctor was very straight talking and told us she was very poorly. They told us the results of a CT scan and they said there were significant changes in her brain. He said if she comes through this, she would be a significantly different child, to the girl we knew.”


Jessica could not be saved but she gave a second chance to three other people. As per reports, both of her kidneys were transplanted into a man in his 30s, her liver saved a baby’s life while her heart was given to a toddler boy. Her mother told the publication, “She was a miracle, she had such a rare blood type. Her brain was catastrophically injured but her body was perfect so she could save others.”

Clair also added, “The toddler who got her heart, he would have spent so much time in hospital and his parents must have thought he was going to die. To get an AB positive heart, the right size, it's so rare, it is a miracle. And that heart will grow with him and he will have a full life thanks to Jessica.”


‘Jessica was a beautiful, energetic blessing’

Meanwhile, a GoFundMe has been started to help Jessica’s family financially so that they can put her to rest on April 6. The message on the page said, “We are raising funds on behalf of Clair and Louis who tragically lost their little girl, Jessica. Any amount you can spare will go towards the special little angel's funeral costs, to ease some of the burden on Clair and Louis, who have enough to deal with at this sad time. Jessica was a beautiful, energetic blessing in everyone's lives."

It added, “Jessica left this world as a superhero, saving 3 other babies and giving them a second chance at life. A truly amazing little girl, who will be missed dearly. Let's help Jessica's family give her the send of she deserves and raise as much funds as we can together. ❤️❤️ Rest peacefully, princess.”

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 The Tragic Death of Baby Jessica Farrer: One-year-old girl dies after head gets stuck in bed’s bars