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‘The Single Mom Conspiracy’: Samantha Cope takes center stage as a twisted villain in LMN’s suspense thriller

Samantha Cope has done absolute justice to her role and brought her character to life with utmost perfection
Samantha Cope as Lilith in 'The Single Mom Conspiracy' (LMN)
Samantha Cope as Lilith in 'The Single Mom Conspiracy' (LMN)

Spoilers for ‘The Single Mom Conspiracy’ 

When you first see the twenty-something handsome man and his much older, but equally stunning blonde girlfriend in ‘The Single Mom Conspiracy’, you can’t help but envy the couple for living the dream of many. The single mother Grace (Allison McAtee), also the owner of the new restaurant acquired after her recent divorce from James (Damon Carney), has one too many things to deal with as she navigates her new life. Even though she and her hunk of a bartender boyfriend Alex (Andrew Spach) are confident about their rather unconventional relationship, as a single parent, living life without challenges seems like a far-fetched dream for Grace. 

One day, when Grace is at her restaurant beating her brains over its re-modeling, Grace chances upon Lilith (Samatha Cope), who is seen asking Alex to make a drink as “cold as my heart.” That’s all it takes the stranger to befriend Grace, who by now is looking for people to rent out a couple of rooms in her humongous house where she lives with her teenage daughter Charlie (Aubrey Stevens). The offer to stay and everything that follows unfold smoothly for Lilith, whose intentions are crooked but so sly that Grace overlooks it all the time. 


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A still from 'The Single Mom Conspiracy' (LMN)

With this, ‘The Single Mom Conspiracy’ establishes that Lilith is the bad one, but one couldn’t just guess what she ultimately wants from Grace or anybody involved in her life. While the vengeful stranger continues to eliminate factors from Grace’s life, the latter brings herself closer to Lilith with each passing day, even appointing her as the personal assistant. 

What follows their personal-cum-professional relationship is the death of one of Grace’s best friends Kristin (Jennifer Teel), who Lilith describes as a “drunkard spinster’. Grace’s personal secretary sends chills right down your spine when she attacks Kristin after learning about her growing suspicion. 

Throughout the film, you’ll get to explore different shades of Lilith and her villainous streak, which makes her a badass antagonist. But, even in your wildest dreams, you wouldn’t guess her true intentions and the movie brilliantly keeps your attention retained until the end when Lilith is finally exposed. 

Lilith (LMN)

Samantha Cope has done absolute justice to her role and brought her character to life with utmost perfection. She’s twisted, but she does what she does in style and confidence that'll make you like her despite her wickedness. 

Every actor has played out their role well and the movie thrives on its plotline. The mystery factor is teased throughout the film and you’ll find yourself digging for answers until the end of it. And, what the climax has to offer is yet again something that wouldn’t have crossed your mind even once, thus catching you off-guard. 

If you’re a movie buff who likes an arc that triggers your thoughts and keeps your heart racing, ‘The Single Mom Conspiracy’ is the right pick. The thriller movie premieres on March 12 at 8 PM ET on LMN only.