'His Killer Fan' Review: LMN's musical-thriller explores love triangle, obsession through talented characters

After teasing a rather dangerous love triangle, ‘His Killer Fan’ shifts its focus to the impact of unrequited love and some troubled childhood traumas

                            'His Killer Fan' Review: LMN's musical-thriller explores love triangle, obsession through talented characters
Brooke Butler as Ariana Kent in 'His Killer Fan' (LMN)

Spoilers for 'His Killer Fan'

What happens when the only person you love refuses to acknowledge your feelings? And, how good is life when every strand of happiness and hope you’re strongly holding on to get snatched away from you?  That pretty much defines the fate of our antagonist Ariana Kent (Brooke Butler) in LMN’s latest music-thriller 'His Killer Fan', only with a supplement of the least-expected twist and turns that’ll keep your attention intact throughout its course. 

Ariana and Kaylee Dawson (Teressa Liane), childhood best friends, trust each other with their lives and more. The movie begins with Kayley’s father’s death as she is vulnerable and devastated, counting on her best friend for a shoulder to lean on. Ariana thinks taking Kaylee along to her favorite artist’s gig would help cheer her friend up. When Ariana insists, Kaylee agrees to go with her to watch her bestie perform alongside rockstar Josh Halliday (Ryan Cooper), who according to Ariana, is the “best musician in the world” and the only human she is completely smitten by. 

However, fate had different plans for Kaylee, as Josh couldn’t help but notice her amongst a huge crowd of fans. Josh’s gaze throughout his performance with Ariana is fixed at Kaley, who is simply there to get her best friend on film as she sings alongside her favorite artist.

Teressa Liane as Kaylee Dawson and Ryan Cooper as Josh Halliday in 'His Killer Fan' (LMN)


Ariana’s plans of impressing Josh slide into disarray, when the rockstar takes it upon himself to help poor Kaylee, the damsel in distress, whose prince charming he wants to be. Ariana, an already troubled human, finds herself in a bigger mess when Josh’s feelings for Kaylee becomes evident and their trysts start to catch the attention of the cameras and fans. 

After teasing a rather dangerous love triangle, ‘His Killer Fan’ then shifts its focus to the impact of unrequited love, while offering a glimpse of Ariana’s troubled childhood. It is at this point, as a viewer, you begin to question your opinion of Ariana, as the movie skillfully peels the layers of her persona, which is more than meets the eye. The antagonist’s emotions may feel justified once you explore the other aspects of her life, defining her existence and the overall story arc. 

Without giving away too much, Brooke Butler undeniably headlines the thriller-drama, not only by taking the center stage but also presenting to us a character that offers many looking-away-from-the-screen moments with its unparalleled characteristics. 

Meanwhile, the protagonists, Josh and Kaylee, are brought to life most brilliantly by Ryan Cooper and Teressa, whose chemistry on-screen reminds one of what Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper shared in a ‘Star is Born’. Perhaps, it was the actors’ true love for music and talent that added an edge to the music-centric thriller as Cooper and Butler put their vocals on the display. 

The film doesn’t tease much with respect to suspense building, but a closer look at human’s varied emotions, especially that was wrath and jealousy play out so well in the story arc that you’ll come to love the movie for its blood-curdling moments. 

‘His Killer Fan’ premieres on February 19 at 8 pm ET on LMN only. 

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