Will Joy Reid's show lose its viewership after Michael Moore's guest appearance? Viewers say 'he was terrible'

Will Joy Reid's show lose its viewership after Michael Moore's guest appearance? Viewers say 'he was terrible'
Joy Reid and Michael Moore (MSNBC)

Joy Reid made history when she became the first Black woman to anchor a cable primetime news show, 'The ReidOut', on MSNBC. The premiere episode drew record numbers according to Neilsen Media Research which stated that 'The ReidOut' was the second-highest rated program in its slot time in the network's 24-year history. Reid had interviewed Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for her debut show for 'The ReidOut' which named to relay news through the lens of people from underrepresented communities.

However, her latest episode is turning her viewers on their heels as they claim to "switch channels" on social media for one reason: Michael Moore. The activist and documentary filmmaker — best known for 'Fahrenheit 9/11' and 'Bowling for Columbine' — appeared on 'TheReidOut' as Reid discussed President Donald Trump's cognitive test statements. Moore told Reid that he wanted to tell everyone not to "underestimate the evil genius that is Donald J Trump", bringing in examples of Henry V's battle with the French and even the 1995 NBA playoffs, which resulted in a fun little banter between Moore and Reid. Moore also suggested that Biden should already start acting like the president.

Unfortunately, viewers did not feel the same. Many took to social media to express their disappointment over Reid inviting Moore to be a guest on 'The ReidOut'. One user tweeted, "Just turned off y'all homegurl Joy Reid. She got Michael Moore up there talking abt Biden should just act like POTUS now & have morning meetings & evening fireside chats with us. FIRESIDE CHATS? The country is on f***ing fire & this is the best he can come up with? #TheReidOut." Another wrote, "Michael Moore's pasty, dusty, musty, crusty, (Oxford Comma) and funky face popped up on my tv screen. Nope. Time to flip the station. Sorry, I tried giving The Reid Out a chance. Nope. I'll tune in for big guests only. I'm out."

A viewer opined, "Why on earth is Joy Reid having Michael Moore on? Look, I don't need political insight from a guy who thought voting for Ralph Nader in 2000 was a good idea. HARD PASS. I switched to CNN." Another wrote, "He was terrible. He hasn't even updated his brain since 2016, and he kept talking over Joy. We've all been doing video calls for MONTHS, and we know about the delay and proper etiquette so we don't interrupt each other; the man just kept doing it over and over."

A viewer tweeted, "Why is @MSNBC still booking THIS guy? Remarkable disrespect for the black voters of South Carolina. Also, a guarantee that I will switch the channel. I have higher standards for myself." Another wrote, "I've held my applause on Joy's new show TheReidOut. Her having on a bigot like Michael Moore is an example of why." A viewer opined, "I don't know who at @MSNBC needs to hear this but if you could measure it, every time Michael Moore came on, there is a mass switching of channels across all of America. His talent is long past its sell-by date and he's just spoiled milk. We don't need conspiracy mongers."

While Moore's hard-hitting documentaries called for respect at one point, many have since taken to criticizing him. More recently, after Moore produced the documentary 'Planet of the Humans', the documentary was criticized by many in the climate activism network, saying that the film propagated dangerous theories. 

'The ReidOut' airs on MSNBC on weeknights at 7 pm ET.

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