'The Offer' Episode 10 Ending Explained: Will Al Ruddy produce sequel to 'The Godfather'?

'The Offer' Episode 10 Ending Explained: Will Al Ruddy produce sequel to 'The Godfather'?
Miles Teller as Al Ruddy in 'The Offer' (Paramount+)

Contains spoilers for 'The Offer' Episode 10

Paramount+’s limited series ‘The Offer’ gives the behind-the-scenes glimpse of the tumultuous making of Francis Ford Coppola’s seminal classic 'The Godfather,' widely considered one of the greatest American films of all time. The series features an ensemble cast and is told from the perspective of producer Al Ruddy (played by Miles Teller).  Al Ruddy takes the main role as he lobbies to get ‘The Godfather’ made at any cost.

The final episode titled 'Brains and Balls' reveals how Ruddy’s determination to make 'The Godfather', finally sees a success. Coppola (Dan Fogler) is freaking out and having a nervous breakdown about how the movie will be received by the audience. 'The Godfather’ will be released after the box office hit 'Cabaret' which annoys Evans (Matthew Goode) as he thinks it will affect their movie. On the other hand, Evans who was hoping to rekindle his marriage is also served with divorce papers from his wife.


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Ending Explained

On the premiere day, Francis and Albert sit outside of the theatre. They learn that the movie is loved by both critics and the audience. The critical and commercial success of ‘The Godfather’ leads to Coppola and Evans discussing its sequel. However, Albert is not too excited about it as he is already looking for a new project.  As the episode continues, it is revealed that 'The Godfather' has scored eleven Oscar nominations, and both Robert and Albert celebrate.

Matthew Goode as Robert Evans and Miles Teller as Albert S.Ruddy in The 'Offer' ( Paramount+)

In another scene, Albert gifts Bettye a new place where she can run her own agency. He even asks her out to go with him to the Oscars. At the Oscars, ‘The Godfather’ wins multiple awards including Best Picture. The scene shifts to the after-party where Evans congratulates the whole team and he officially announces the sequel to 'The Godfather'. However, Albert talks with Evans and lets him know that he will not star in the second part. Robert is surprised by his revelation but accepts his decision. The final scene shows Ruddy getting ready to produce a new movie starring Burt Reynolds.

All 10 episodes of 'The Offer' are available on Paramount+.

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