'The Godfather' actor Carmine Caridi dies at 85 after falling into coma

'The Godfather' actor Carmine Caridi dies at 85 after falling into coma

American actor Carmine Caridi - known for his role in 'The Godfather' sequels - has passed away. The actor was 85 at the time. Caridi fell into a state of comatose Wednesday, May 29. While the cause of his death is still unclear, TMZ reported Caridi "never regained consciousness while he was in the hospital" at Cedars-Sinai in L.A.

Chazz Palminteri, an actor and producer who was also a close friend of Caridi, confirmed his death earlier today. Caridi has a wide variety of acting credits to his name, including appearances in some of the top films and television shows over the past 30 years.

He was best known for his role as Carmine Rosati in the first sequel to 'The Godfather', and as Albert Volpe in 'The Godfather Part III.' He is also credited as one of the three actors to have played two different roles in 'The Godfather' franchise.

In one of his recent interviews with The Hollywood Reporter, Caridi shared about how he was kicked out of the Academy. The actor was expelled from the Academy for sharing out screeners of an unreleased film. "I sent [them] to people, besides my brother and sister, who couldn't afford them," he had told the outlet in the 2017 interview. "I made a lot of people happy."

He was then ordered by a U.S. district judge to pay the maximum penalty possible under federal law, which is $300,000. Additionally, he had also had to pay attorney's fees to two studios. The actor, however, did not question his punishment. "I don't blame the Academy," he told the outlet. "I did violate their law."

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