'The Masked Singer' Season 8 Spoilers: Fans say the Harp is 'too obvious', claims 'it's Amber Riley'

'The Masked Singer' Season 8 Spoilers: Fans say the Harp is 'too obvious', claims 'it's Amber Riley'
The Harp in 'The Masked Singer' Season 8 (Fox)

'The Masked Singer' hits Fox's screen with a bunch of colors and excitement both for panelists and the audience. The first singer, the Harp, enters the stage and the panelists' immediate reaction was that she "is young and has grace" in her. 

The panelist, Ken Jeong, believes that Jennifer Hudson of 'Sex and the City' is dressed as the Harp. Another panelist guessed the actress under the mask to be Queen Latifah. However, after hearing to the clues and the singing of the Harp, fans feel that the singer's identity is too obvious. And, according to them, it's Amber Riley. 


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Harp is so obvious to the fans!

Harp entered 'The Masked Singer' stage with so much grace. The clue for this costume is the singer addressing that she auditioned for the biggest show when she was a teenager. However, it was not 'The American Idol'. Being selected and having a blooming career is a dream come true for her. The masked singer says that she doesn't take "no" for an answer. Furthermore, other clues are that she is a singer, actor, and comedian. Listening to all the clues, fans immediately jumped to the conclusion that it's Amber Riley. However, none of the panelists thought it to be Amber.

Fans instantly flooded the social media talking about how the Harp's identity is too obvious. "Harp is Amber Riley You don't watch Glee and not know her voice #TheMaskedSinger", one fan wrote after instantly recognizing her voice. Another wrote in all confidence, claiming, "This has to be Amber Riley! #TheMaskedSinger". Another 'The Masked Singer' fan posted a nodding gif and wrote, "The Harp is SOOOO obviously my good f**king sis, the iconic, Amber Riley #TheMaskedSinger". Well, another one listed reasons saying why it could be Amber. The fan wrote, "harp is amber riley •american idol rejected her •”outcast” clue was about glee •the 3D glasses was about glee: the 3D concert movie #TheMaskedSinger". 





'The Masked Singer' is available for streaming on FOX.

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