'The Masked Singer' Season 8 full costume list: From Avocado to Venus flytrap, quirkiest new costumes on reality show

'The Masked Singer' Season 8 full costume list: From Avocado to Venus flytrap, quirkiest new costumes on reality show
'The Masked Singer' Season 8 panelists (Instagram/maskedsingerfox)

TV’s global phenomenon is back! Fox’s ‘The Masked Singer’ Season 8 is all geared to bring glam and fun to the show. The American reality singing competition features celebrity singers dressed in costumes from tip to toe. And, the audience and panelists connect the clues to guess who the celebrity behind the mask is. The least popular singer gets eliminated by each passing episode and is unmasked.

The all-new season of ‘The Masked Singer’ will once again bring a colorful set of costumes. Moreover, the panel of judges who returns this season are Robin Thicke, Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, and Nicole Scherzinger. Moreover, there will be an occasional celebrity guest. Let’s further look into to see what new costumes and looks are coming to the show this season. In the meantime, you can watch other singing shows like 'Alter Ego' and 'The Voice'.

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Before we dive into the revelation of costumes, let us first take a quick look at the format of Season 8. For the first time in ‘The Masked Singer’ history, the show will have themed episodes. The masked singers will have to dress and sing according to the theme of the episodes.



Giving the ‘I do’ vibe, this costume has all the eye-catching elements in it. The Bride is wearing an all-white gown, dazzled with pearl jewelry and a sparkling veil. The clue for this costume is ‘wedding ring.’ Therefore, the celebrity singer who is dressed as Bride must be married or at least engaged. Fans have already started speculating who this masked celebrity could be. A fan commented, "Jennifer Lopez…she’s been a bride a few times." Others guessed that it could be Sarah Hyland or even Ariana Grande.



Get ready to guac and roll! With an all-green look comes another costume, named Avocado. In the released photo, the Avocado is seen spreading green-gloved hands toward its fans with a big smile on its face. The clue for this costume is ‘chips.' A fan comments saying, "Anyone else thinks it’s Eric Estrada from the old snow chips?!" Some others think it's Tom Brady or Mark Messier.

Venus Fly Trap


Venus Fly Trap costume is all earthy, loaded with green, red, and yellow colors. The masked singer has his/her legs covered with roots of the costume, the body covered with pot, and the head has the plant Venus Fly Trap, inside of which there is a fly. Indeed, ‘fly’ is the clue for this costume. Fans speculate the masked singer here could be Jeff Goldblum as he was in the movie ‘The Fly.’

Sir Bugaboo



This mask is paw-sitively! Sir Bugaboo has a green face with sharp and big painted nails. Sir Bugaboo costume has checkered pink and blue pants with yellow flowers on it. Moreover, Sir Bugaboo is wearing a suit with a bow tie and a hat. The clue for this costume is a ‘bow tie.' Fans speculate that either Jaleel White or Jim Parson could be dressed as Sir Bugaboo as they are famous for wearing bow ties.



Here we crow again! The Scarecrow costume is in all shades of orange. This costume gives a village vibe where scarecrows are made with straws, old clothes, a wooden stick frame, and a pumpkin face. This Scarecrow brings the clue of ‘crow’ with itself. Connecting the dots, fans wonder if it could be Adam Duritz from Counting Crows or Sheryl Crow.



Hedgehogs are small mammals covered with porcupine-like sharp quills. In the photo released, The Hedgehog waves toward its fans with its mouth wide open. Hedgehog is wearing a black shirt with white flowers on it. And, the hint for this contestant is ‘carrot.' Is it Bruno Mars? Fans speculate so because he sang 24 Karot Magic.



All wrapped up in gold comes Mummies costume. This costume has jewels inscribed on it. Well, the entire costume will be sparkling and give a rich vibe to the audience. The clue for this costume is ‘Ka Statue’. For those who don’t know, Ka Statue is a resting place for the dead person. This is one of the costumes where many of the fans have similar guesses. Fans speculate it to be Boyz II Men, relating to the song One Sweet Day.



Walrus is donned in all yellow. The costume has shiny lemon yellow color pants, a shirt, boots, and a hat with a duck sitting on its head. Walrus has two sharp teeth and a beautiful smile on its face. The clue for this costume is ‘fish.' It’s the deadliest clue as fans find it hard to connect it to any singer.



Maize is coming to amaze you! This costume is corn dressed in all green and luxurious dress. The character wearing this costume has pink lips and beautiful blue eyes. The costume also has pieces of jewelry attached to its head with feathers above it. The hands have green gloves and diamond studded rings on them. Well, the clue for this costume is ‘butter.’ Fans wonder whether it is Paula Deen or Rupaul.



Harp masked singer has the most amazing voice. In one of the released clips, fans could see the masked singer signing. Similar to 'Mummies' mask, Harp is also all washed with gold color. However, Harp has a golden crown on its head and a harp attached to its beautiful golden gown. The clue for this costume is ‘sheet music.’ After the costumed was revealed to the fans, everyone in sync claimed that it is Amber Riley. Well, only the release of the show could only confirm who is she.
‘The Masked Singer’ Season 8 is all set to premiere on Wednesday, September 21 at 8 pm ET on Fox.

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