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'The Masked Singer' Season 8 Spoilers: Maize is 'Sex and the City' star Mario Cantone, here are the clues

Maize was guessed by many to be a lady but it turned out that there was a man underneath this 'The Masked Singer's mask
'The Masked Singer' Season 8 Mario Cantone masked as Maize (FOX/Instagram/@macantone)
'The Masked Singer' Season 8 Mario Cantone masked as Maize (FOX/Instagram/@macantone)

'The Masked Singer' Season 8 Episode 4 titled 'Andrew Llyod Webber Night', didn't air for the US viewers because of the Major League Baseball post-season match airing at the same time. Fox further claimed that the episode will air after the game finishes. However, the same didn't happen and the platform announced that the fans could catch up with the spoilers as the episode has now been pushed forward to next week. For all those who couldn't catch up with the show, keep reading to know the spoilers.

'The Masked Singer' Season 8 Episode 4 introduced three new masked singers in the show Maize, Mermaid, and Robogirl. Well, fans previously predicted that Robogirl will become the winner of the episode after seeing her performing in further episodes in Fox's preview clips. If Canadian viewers are to be believed, Robogirl won the episode and moved forward. While Maize and Mermaid got unmasked. What took everyone by awe in this episode was Maize's color-popping and eye-pleasing costume with feathered headpiece. The celebrity singer was masked as corn, wearing a green gown. Keep reading to explore all the clues.


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Maize clues

Maize's confident yet glamorous appearance on the stage impressed everyone. The singer performed 'Heaven on Their Minds'. Well, his singing impressed Andrew, leading him to praise his voice, and speak his mind about wanting to work with the star someday. Besides these, the major clue detected for this masked singer is a 'cube of butter'. Maize explained to have a love for corn and butter that led her to match his outfit with the same. Seeing this masked singer everyone thought it to be a female singer. But, the star took everyone by shock revealing that it was a male singer. 

Maize was the first one in 'The Masked Singer' Season 8 Episode 4 to be unmasked. His identity was revealed in the middle of the show with Nick Cannon removing his mask. And, the celebrity singer beneath the mask of Maize was unveiled to be a singer, actor, and comedian Mario Cantone. Moreover, Cantone is famously known for his role in 'Sex and the City'. Apart from that, his love for corn and butter could be linked with his show 'Master Baking with Mario: Banana Bread'.

The US viewers still wait to view the recently released episode. Well, they can tune in to Hulu tomorrow to watch 'The Masked Singer' Season 8 Episode 4. The new episodes of 'The Masked Singer' Season 8 releases every Wednesday at 8 pm ET/PT on Fox.