'The Masked Singer': Here's what to expect from Mushroom, Jellyfish and Broccoli on Thanksgiving Day

Here's when you can catch the Group C finalists in action, fighting it out for a spot in the Top 6

                            'The Masked Singer': Here's what to expect from Mushroom, Jellyfish and Broccoli on Thanksgiving Day

'The Masked Singer' has crossed its halfway mark and the show is just one episode short of finding their final two contestants who will complete the Top 6. Group A's - The Sun and Popcorn and Group B masked celebrities - the Crocodile and the Seahorse have already secured their place in the lineup. The remaining Group C performers - The Jellyfish, Broccoli, and the Mushroom have yet to battle it out on the stage for one last time and one of them will be unmasked while the other two advance to complete the top 6.

The episode was scheduled to air on Wednesday (Nov 25) however, the show announced that it's going on an unexpected break and will be airing an encore of last week's episode that saw the Serpent and the Whatchamacallit go home. When will the new episode air and what to expect from it? Fortunately, there's not a long wait for audiences who've been waiting to find out who gets eliminated and unmasked from the very entertaining performers that feature on Group C.

A fresh new episode will be airing on Thursday (Nov 26) and this is the network's Thanksgiving gift to the show's fans, according to an update on their official Twitter handle. The host Nick Cannon too shared, "Come & celebrate Thanksgiving with us TOMORROW night for an all-new episode of @MaskedSingerFox at 8p/7c. And catch an encore episode airing TONIGHT at 8p/7c #TheMaskedSinger".





So far the show has seen some major eliminations happen, the most surprising being Busta Rhymes who was the first masked celebrity who was booted from the show. Other contestants including Mickey Rourke as the Gremlin, Mark Sanchez as Baby Alien, Brian Austin Green as the Giraffe, Lisa Hartman Black and Clint Black as the Snow Owls, Dr Elvis Francois as the Serpent, Lonzo Ball as the Whatchamacallit have all being eliminated from the show until now. 

As for the Group C finals, the Jellyfish and Mushroom have phenomenal singing skills; they cannot necessarily be professionals but they do have the ability to command a room when they perform. The Broccoli is someone that a lot of fans were guessing is a comedian or a YouTuber, someone younger. However, after his first performance, it was clear that the man behind the mask is a much older personality. Our best guess is, the Broccoli is none other than Paul Anka, but we will just have to wait till the unmasking to find out for sure. 

'The Masked Singer' airs Wednesdays at 8 pm ET on FOX. 

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