'The Lincoln Lawyer' Episode 3: Mickey bashes Trevor for lying about cheating on his wife

'The Lincoln Lawyer' Episode 3: Mickey bashes Trevor for lying about cheating on his wife
Christopher Gorham as Trevor Elliott and Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as Mickey Haller in 'The Lincoln Lawyer' (Netflix)

Contains Spoilers for 'The Lincoln Lawyer' Episode 3

Things are getting pretty intense for Mickey Haller, aka ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ because he’s not able to find the magic bullet that Jerry left behind to win the Trevor Elliott case. He is doing anything and everything to have an upper hand in the case, but sadly things are not going as per his expectations. As of now, we have seen Trevor being an absolute a*****e to Mickey (Manuel Garcia-Rulfo) and forcing him to do things that Mickey won’t do otherwise.

Trevor (Christopher Gorham) didn’t want to give more time to the case and wanted a verdict. So, Mickey didn’t take the continuance and said that he will take the case forward next week even when he doesn’t know much about it. In the latest episode, Mickey decides to do something extraordinary and take Mickey back to the place where he allegedly found his wife’s and her lover’s bodies. Trevor was not comfortable doing so, but Mickey wanted him to do this.


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As soon as they reached the place, Mickey told him that the defendant would talk about Trevor reaching his house in under 40 minutes and he reached there in just 36. Meanwhile, he took him inside and told him to tell him everything that happened that day. So, Trevor told him that they had a fight the previous night and he was coming home to surprise her with something. He called out her name, but she didn’t respond. When he went inside the bedroom, he saw his wife’s body on the bed and her lover’s body on the floor.

A still from 'The Lincoln Lawyer' Episode 3 (Netflix)


Trevor comes out of the house and sits down on the sofa just outside the house. That’s when Trevor told Mickey something that completely blew his mind away. Trevor told Mickey that he knew about his wife’s affair and didn’t do anything because he stepped out of the marriage a couple of times and his wife, Lara, forgave him for doing that.

Mickey was really offended by that and bashed him for not being truthful. He said that the Defense will shred him to pieces if they got to know what he just told right now.

The lawyer has been doing everything to save Trevor, but it seems, that Trevor is more worried about his personality in public rather than being announced: “not guilty”. What will Mickey do now? It’s getting hard for him to take care of all of Jerry's clients and apart from Trevor, he also needs to Defend a man named Eli Wyms, who might be associated with Trevor’s case as well.

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as Mickey Haller in 'The Lincoln Lawyer' (Netflix)


'The Lincoln Lawyer' is currently streaming on Netflix. 

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