'The Lincoln Lawyer' Episode 2: Can Mickey find Jerry's magic bullet in Trevor Elliott's case?

'The Lincoln Lawyer' Episode 2: Can Mickey find Jerry's magic bullet in Trevor Elliott's case?
Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as Mickey Haller in 'The Lincoln Lawyer' (Netflix)

The premiere episode for ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ gave us an idea of what attorney Mickey Haller is up against and why he is being followed by an unknown man. After Jerry’s murder, Mickey is now handling the high-profile Trevor Elliott case and we know how important it is for him to win this. However, there’s one thing that Mickey is still looking for: evidence.

Mickey (Manuel Garcia-Rulfo) knew how good Jerry was and if he was going to a trial, he has something with him that gave him the confidence to go for a trial. However, things are not looking good for Mickey because he hasn’t found any kind of evidence in Jerry’s files. He, along with his team of Lorna (Becki Newton) and Cisco (Angus Sampson), looked up everywhere but they couldn’t find anything. They make a plan to visit Jerry’s house to get some evidence, but they find out that LAPD is already here. Cisco still goes ahead and asks one of Jerry’s close ones if he was acting strange. The man reveals that Jerry was acting funny and was scared of something. When Cisco asked if Mickey should be worried too, then the man replied that Jerry has been murdered, so he should ask himself if Mickey is in trouble or not.


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After spending a lot of time, they got to know about Jerry’s assistant and it turns out that they were really close to each other. However, Jerry never told her about his cases, but there’s one thing that she knows that could change the course of the case. Mickey and Lorna meet the assistant and she says that although Jerry never told her anything about his cases, he revealed that he had a “magic bullet” with him when it comes to Trevor Elliott case. The assistant leaves and Lorna feels that she had nothing to offer.


A still from 'The Lincoln Lawyer' (Netflix)


However, Mickey feels the other way. When Lorna asks about Magic Bullet, Mickey reveals that Jerry had something that would have won him the cases, and that piece of evidence is called the “magic bullet”. The lawyer says that if Jerry can find the evidence, then he can find it as well. So, what’s this piece of evidence? And was that the reason why Jerry got murdered? Things are getting intense for Haller because someone has been following him and now, an audio device has been installed in his care and someone is listening to his conversation in another car.


Elsewhere, Trevor has forced Mickey to not take "continuance" and take the case forward as per their discussion. Although Mickey doesn't want that because Trevor is still holding some information from him, Trevor told him to move the case forward or he'll find someone else for the case.

Christopher Gorham as Trevor Elliott in 'The Lincoln Lawyer' (Netflix)


‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ is currently streaming on Netflix.

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