'The Journalist' Ending Explained: Matsuda gets justice for Kazuya and her brother

Fighting the good fight is often an uphill battle, but Matsuda refuses to back down

                            'The Journalist' Ending Explained: Matsuda gets justice for Kazuya and her brother
Suzuki Kazuya played by Hidetaka Yoshioka in 'The Journalist' (Youtube/Netflix)

'The Journalist' tells the story of Anna Matsuda (Ryôko Yonekura), a seasoned investigative journalist that is relentless in her pursuit for justice. When a scandal crops up regarding national land being sold at a subsidised rate, it is soon exposed that the nation's Prime Minister and his wife are embroiled in the same.

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The scandal involves dealing with a certain Eishin Academy. While media houses are chasing down the truth, the government tries to hide the scandal by having a few select individuals at the Fiance Bureau are tasked with hiding the tracks of the Prime Minister and the dealings concerning the scandal. During these events, Suzuki Kazuya (Hidetaka Yoshioka), an employee with a solid moral compass, struggles with doing so.

To hide just how deep the scandal runs, Mouri Yoshikazu, the Director General of the Fianace Bureau takes the fall despite it not being his fault. Kazuya, who has maintained a detailed record of all the fabrication they have carried out, has a crisis on consciousness. While he tries to go to Matusda about it, the fear of repercussions holds him back. He hands the information to Kurosaki, his superior, before committing suicide.

'The Journalist' (Netflix)



Meanwhile, Matsuda is determined to blow this case wide open, seeing that her brother has been a victim of bureaucracy, as he too tried to be a whistleblower not too long ago. The stress of the situation led to him suffering a heart attack and going comatose.

When Mayumi (Shinobu Terajima), Kazuya's wife, takes the evidence to Matsuda, she blows the case wide open and successfully has it brought to court. The series ends with a conversation about Japan and its youth coping with covid, as Kazuya's nephew, inspired by Matsuda's fight for justice, becomes a journalist and aspires to tell stories of struggle. Meanwhile, Murakami, the PM's wife's former secretary and a key witness in the scandal, agrees to testify after he realises that the reason he became a bureaucrat was to help people. The series ends with these pivotal characters gearing up to fight the good fight while fully aware that it will be a long and arduous one. 

'The Journalist' premieres on January 13th, 2022 on Netflix. 


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