'The Journalist': 5 things you need to know about Ryoko Yonekura

Here's all you need to know about Ryoko Yonekura and the cast of 'The Journalist'

                            'The Journalist': 5 things you need to know about Ryoko Yonekura
Ryoko Yonekura (Instagram/ryoko_yonekura_0801)

All you thriller series fans, it's time to add 'The Journalist' to your watch list. As per the synopsis of the series, it is "an adaptation of the 2019 hit theatrical feature film of the same name, The Journalist, which proved buzzworthy for its confrontation of Japanese political crimes and scandals of recent years." However, the series takes a different take on the movie, complete with all the twists and dark secrets waiting to be uncovered.

If you're looking for some more foreign titles to check out on Netflix, you might want to consider series such as 'Light the Night', 'The Club', 'Rebelde' and 'Hellbound'. Here's more about the cast of 'The Journalist'.


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Ryoko Yonekura

Ryoko Yonekura is a Japanese actress and former fashion model. She is best known for her role in the medical drama 'Doctor-X: Surgeon Michiko Daimon'. She made her debut with the drama 'Koi no Kamisama' in 2000. Yonekura began studying ballet at the age of 5 and practiced it for 15 years.

She won a national young beauty award in 1992 and in the following year, began her career as a model, during which she worked for magazines such as CanCam.  Yonekura voices Black Widow in the Japanese dub of the 'Avengers' franchise.

Her other works include 'Giwaku', 'Legal V: Ex-lawyer Shoko Takanashi', 'Doctor X: Gekai Daimon Michiko Special', 'Kagerô ezu', 'Kaseifu wa mita!' and 'Out Burn: Marubo no onnna deka Yagami Eiko'.


Ryûsei Yokohama

Ryûsei Yokohama is an actor known for his works such as 'The Wandering Moon', 'Usogui', 'Your Turn to Kill', 'Kikazaru Koi ni wa Riyuu ga Atte', 'Creator's File: Gold', 'Your Eyes Tell', 'Watashi-tachi wa Doka Shiteiru', 'Shiro demo Kuro demo Nai Sekai de Panda wa Warau', 'Marigold in 4minutes', 'It Is Your Turn' and 'Inakunare Gunjo'. 


Gô Ayano

Gô Ayano is an actor, whose works include Po Zhen Zi', 'Kinnikuman: The Lost Legend', 'Love Deeply', 'Homunculus', 'The Legacy Of Dr. Death: Black File', 'Yakuza and the Family', 'MIU404', 'Beneath the Shadow', 'Family of Strangers' and 'The Promised Land'. 

Hidetaka Yoshioka

Hidetaka Yoshioka is an actor. His works include 'Riverside Mukolitta', 'Mamorarenakatta mono tachi e', 'The Brightest Roof in the Universe', 'Fukushima 50', 'Tora-san, Welcome Back!', 'The Kids' Diner (2019)', 'Cold Case: Shinjitsu No Tobira', 'Reminiscence', 'Fuji Family' and 'Fueled: The Man They Called 'Pirate''.

Shinobu Terajima

Shinobu Terajima is an actress. Her works include 'Intolerance', 'Arc', 'Yakuza and the Family', 'Earwig and the Witch', 'Prescription Police', 'Poisonous Daughter And Holy Mother', 'Dare to Stop Us', 'Flea-picking Samurai' and 'Oh Lucy!'. 

'The Journalist' premieres on January 13th, 2022 on Netflix.