'Legendary' on HBO Max Episode 5: Sadness overcomes the ballroom after Shorty and Makaylah's final showdown

Two very strong houses and two equally strong house members - Shorty Ebony and Makaylah Lanvin took to the stage for one last chance to save their house and defend its legacy

                            'Legendary' on HBO Max Episode 5: Sadness overcomes the ballroom after Shorty and Makaylah's final showdown
Shorty Ebony and Makaylah Lanvin ( HBO Max)

Spoilers  for 'Legendary' Episode 5

The House of Ebony and The House of Lanvin ended up in the bottom two at the end of the 'Remember The Times' Ball. As unbelievable as it might sound, this meant it was the last time on the 'Legendary' stage for one of these iconic houses. Lanvin has been a favorite with the judges right since the beginning of the season and they're the only ones to have won the Superior House trophy twice in this competition. The House of Ebony might've not lifted the trophy even once but they are major competitors and have brought impressive performances to the runway more often than not in the show. 

As is the format of the show, house mothers Eyricka Lanvin and Isla Ebony were required to send their best voguer on the runway for the final vogue-down. Makaylah and Shorty were called to the stage to defend the legacy of their respective houses. Emotions ran high in the ballroom when the time came to choose who stays in the competition at the end of their high-octane battle. This was many notches higher than when Wilma West and Jamari Balmain had to battle to stay in the competition, in the second episode. This battle managed to crack ballroom legend Leiomy Maldonado who was visibly sad and was reduced to tears when it was time for her to give away her vote and choose one amongst them. 

(Leiomy Maldonado - HBO Max)

"I know the struggle, I know the story, I know what it takes to get here. Ballroom has been underground for so long. We've fought so hard to be loved and respected. Thank you for taking this time to show the world where we come from and what power we have," she said before giving her vote to Shorty. Law Roach's vote was for Shorty as well but the other two judges Jameela Jamil, Megan Thee Stallion and guest judge Kelly Osbourne gave their votes to save the House of  Lanvin. 

So far, the competition has seen the elimination of The House of West, The House of St. Laurent and the recently eliminated House of Ebony. The houses that still stand are - Lanvin, Gorgeous Gucci, Balmain, Escada and Ninja. 

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