'Legendary' on HBO Max: House of West eliminated after Jamari Balmain wins the judges over with his tears

House of Balmain and House of West were in the bottom two at the end of the episode. Each team was required to send their best voguer to defend their legacy

                            'Legendary' on HBO Max: House of West eliminated after Jamari Balmain wins the judges over with his tears
House of Balmain (HBO Max)

The third challenge of the second episode of the show was called 'Three Fab Mice" wherein three members of each house had to walk the runway in unison. This was the final challenge in the episode at the end of which one house was destined to go home. During practice, Dolores, the mother of House Ninja stated that she is keeping an eye on Jamari Balmain, father of the House of Balmain. "He can do everything," she added. While Jamari was planning to tell a story and creating moments depicting why they will always be the superior house, the House of West was confident that they'd emerge winners after their runway challenge whereas House of Escada was ready to be shady and determined to stop being polite after Law Roach called them boring in the first episode. House Ebony was almost sharpening their claws. Their member Xa'Pariis made sure to pump up the pressure by calling out their mistakes but it didn't go down well with Isla, mother of the house. 

The runway round saw only two teams emerge as winners - House of Escada and the House of Lanvin. Even though House of Balmain and House of St. Laurent were the only houses that had mice references in their clothing, they failed to secure 10s across the board which resulted in them being ousted from the category. This irritated Miss Shalae, who argued backstage: "The category is three fab f***ing mice. There aren't even mice up there right now. We gave mice. F**k that". Jamari too stormed away backstage without giving a byte to the camera.  

Law Roach didn't seem too happy after the category was closed and he asked "Where are the mice? I would love to see St. Laurent and Balmain on the floor. They gave what the category called for." However, Leiomy countered that claim saying she doesn't care how fabulous a team looks if their steps are not in sync. House Lanvin was announced winners of the category after they dueled one last time with Escada on the runway. 

It was time for elimination now and West and Balmain were the bottom two houses. They were asked to send their best voguer on to the stage to battle it one last time to defend the legacy of their house. Father Jamari himself chose to enter the battle saying: "I came here to prove a point to my kids so I am about to f**k this stage up" before reaching out to the rest of his house members for an emotional hug. Quite a few tears were shed there. From the House of West, Wilma was nominated for the 'vogue down' and both performers performed like their life depended on it. 

For the results, Jamari's love for his house touched Law Roach, Jameela Jamil, and Megan Thee Stallion who voted for his house to stay and House of West went home in the first elimination on the show. 

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