'The Haves and the Have Nots' Episode 15 Review: [Spoiler] might be dead, but it's Hanna we are worried for

Who shot Vinny? Who confessed their love to Hanna? Who is Veronica's new boytoy? Too much happens once again

                            'The Haves and the Have Nots' Episode 15 Review: [Spoiler] might be dead, but it's Hanna we are worried for

Spoilers for 'The Haves and the Have Nots' Season 7 Episode 15 'The Executor'

Ice queen Veronica Harrington (Angela Robinson) might be a raging b***h but when it comes to the heart and in her dreams, she's a li'l softie. Episode 14 focused on how Veronica still dreams of frolicking in bed with David (Peter Parros), but their pillow talk soon turned awkward with the man admitting he is in love with Hanna Young. It had led to worry amid the soap opera fandom with Hanna (Crystal Fox) as the unsuspecting target of Veronica's spite now that she knows the man she wants, wants the Cryer's housekeeper. But in 'The Haves and the Have Nots' Season 7, Episode 15 'The Executor', relief came in the form of her own housekeeper's husband - Samuel - a hunky distraction from the sodding excuse that is David's affections for her.

The man of her dreams is once again fronted with Alissa the weirdo, who once again is without a ride. But considering David makes way to Hanna and pours out his admiration even though she's buying none of his s***t speaks volumes about the hellstorm to come the Young matriarch's way should queen V ever find out. All of this happens in the backdrop of a build-up towards a significant character death: Wyatt Cryer (Aaron O'Connell). The mystery runs high surrounding whether he really is dead or not, but honestly, who cares?

Once again, there is too much happening and not all of that is interesting. The Jeffery (Gavin Houston) and Madison love story is laced with jilted lovers, salty brothers, and more waiting in the hallway to ambush them. Speaking of siblings, Candace (Tika Sumpter) decided to do something nice and checks herself and Benny (Tyler Lepley) into a $300/night hotel. And with Wyatt on the loose, mama Cryer aka Katheryn (Renee Lawless) freaks out in prison, claiming there's no one more ruthless than her if she doesn't get her son back safe and in one piece. Rich coming from her considering she is practically locked up, but that's not the stupidest thing that happens in this episode where there is no pattern whatsoever. It's like an acid trip that hits like the first time, every single time. Tyler Perry's team of writers show impeccable range - jumping from proclamation to confessions, love and lust, but it would be nice to offer some focus on one aspect at a time. All of this is too much.

Still not as preposterous as the levels of stupidity Wyatt can stumble too. High off his might, he tries selling Vinny of all people drugs. He doesn't even remember this is the same man he had stabbed and is walking into their trap, neither does Wyatt hesitate to follow him to the basement for some crack. Later, when Vinny wakes up, Wyatt is sober in their basement and of course, Sandy is commanded to shoot the dumb as dirt Cryer. Noting his hesitation, Vinny decides to take matters into his own hands and there's a loud bang, but as usual, we aren't shown whether Wyatt is dead or not. But like we said above, who cares? It's Hanna we are worried about!

Chill as she might be, shutting up her employer's husband Jim Cryer (John Schneider) of all people and later sassing his right-hand man David with the same tone (it's impossible to explain, one must witness it themselves!) Hanna gets an outpouring of admiration in this episode. First Jim tries to weasel information about a car from Hanna and she serves him dollops of  snark as she claimed “you don’t have anything to say to me” and ordered him to “get off my damn phone, man.” Later, David is tasked with the same and while Hanna is equally dismissive of the man, his confession sounds sincere.

David goes on an almost love song for Hanna, saying things like “I’m trying to compliment you on the standards you tried to set for your children" and "I just wanted you to know that I admire you.” There's ample character development and while we would like to pause and register this for a moment, the whole thing looks like a deja vu in reverse. It's almost as if Veronica's dream was foreshadowing this moment between the two that may or may not have been active flirting from David's end, but definitely left Hanna confused and us very worried. Veronica finds solace in her housekeeper's husband and his biceps as she watches him clean the pool and immediately comes up with a task for Laura to get the wife out of the way.

There really is no limit to Veronica's game, she can get any man she wants and will get any man she wants. However, there is only one man she actually wants and no number of young, chiseled pool boys could help her get over that for good. She might have her Bennys and Samuels, but David is the one for her and finding out about his recent proclamations for Hanna, there are a few things that come to mind about how Veronica might react and none of that includes calm recoil.

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