‘The Good Doctor’ Season 3 Episode 10: Fans love how long-time friends Shaun and Lea manage to keep their bond alive

As the winter episode starts to take a dramatic turn with Shaun facing a personal crisis, he finds the support in Lea and fans cannot get over their beautiful bonding.

                            ‘The Good Doctor’ Season 3 Episode 10: Fans love how long-time friends Shaun and Lea manage to keep their bond alive
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If there’s one thing that has been the cornerstone of the ABC’s hit medical drama, it has been the importance of every relationship. In this show, people love how every single story feels relevant and significant to be highlighted. But the one story that has proved to be of long-term value has been the relationship between Lea and Shaun. Despite going through a few ups and downs, the two long-time friends have managed to keep their bond alive.

It’s true that Shaun and Lea did not start as friends and Shaun was initially heartbroken when they parted, but it was very mature, especially on Lea’s part to reconcile, become his roommate, and stand by him through his relationship, work challenges and personal struggles. In Episode 10, we clearly see how the two have come close again. More so now, when Shaun really needs a confidante, and someone who would understand his emotional turmoil, when he goes to meet his ailing father. It is not his father’s imminent death that is upsetting Shaun, but the pain and angst he has felt towards him for years. And having Lea by his side, makes Shaun feel stronger and more confident to deal with this sensitive time.

Seeing to this incredible bonding of the two, despite not being in touch regularly, fans cannot stop raving about it. @BooksmartBabe8comments, “I'm so happy Lea is going with Shaun for support. I love their friendship and bond. #TheGoodDoctor” As @Music_Is_Me88feels, “Lea is the support and friend Shaun needs right now #TheGoodDoctor”

But here’s a very interesting observation that fans are making. @Divine_Angel89comments, “Shaun doesn't want Carly to come. He's bringing Lea #TheGoodDoctor”

Shaun has Carly in his life now and ideally, at times like these, we expect couples to be together. But Shaun prefers to have his friend, Lea, in his time of struggle. @Tati_xoxoobserves, “The fact that Shaun wants to bring Lea along and not Carly speaks volumes. #TheGoodDoctor” While we cannot say for sure if entrusting Lea with his emotions is because of Shaun’s history with Lea, or just an instinctive decision, it could mean a lot going forward. In the course of their visit to see Shaun’s father, Lea gives some valuable advice, which seems to affect Shaun positively.

In the words of @tgdscoutskands, “I love how #Lea always speaks such wisdom to #shaun. She’s such a awesome #bff. He feels safe with her and that’s so endearing. ♥️ #TheGoodDoctor #TGDscouts Sυҽ🧩”

‘The Good Doctor’ Season 3 will be back after a winter break, only on ABC. Stay tuned for more updates.

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