'The Family Chantel': Karen accuses Angenette's family, fans ask 'what men have money in your family?'

Karen said that she believed Angenette's family was trying to use her family for money but fans ridicule her for her thoughts

                            'The Family Chantel': Karen accuses Angenette's family, fans ask 'what men have money in your family?'
Karen (TLC)

Monday night's episode of 'The Family Chantel' saw Royal and Angenette kick off their two-day wedding celebrations in the Philippines, this was the second time they were getting married so that their families could be a part of it too. Royal's entire immediate family including parents Karen and Thomas and siblings River, Winter, and Chantel along with husband Pedro had flown into the country to be a part of it.

Things were already heated up between Angenette and Royal's family as they believed the former was just fishing for an American. Karen believed that Angenette's mother Antonieta was in touch with her brother who lived in the US, over Facebook and was trying to trap him. However, after meeting her, they realized she was not proficient in English at all and they now suspected that it was Angenette all along using her mother's password and they confronted her during last week's episode after which things got really heated between them.

Angenette told them that she believes her mother's account was hacked but Royal's family was convinced that she was lying. During this week's episode they were gearing up to attend the wedding party and the ceremony, however, Angenette was upset with how they'd treated her and she asked Royal to talk to them and ask them to behave. Royal warned his family that they'd be asked to leave the party if they'd be anything but nice offending them, however, Angenette took control of the situation and they all left from the hotel to the party location together.

Everything was fun and games until they reached the party and realized it was a village event and they began to fuss over everything, including the food. They then walked up to Antonieta to confront her about the Facebook conversation and Angenette rushed over to help translate. Karen asked Antonieta if she'd tried to contact her brother over Facebook to which the latter declined. Convinced with the answer, Chantel jumped in at that moment telling Antonieta that they believe it was her daughter Angenette and asked her to keep her password safe. Angenette was offended and walked away from the scene, breaking down into tears and telling Royal to send them away. Not only did Royal ask them to leave the party but he also disinvited them from his wedding ceremony. Karen in a confessional said that she believes all this fishing and the Facebook scam was Angenette's family's way of trying to make money off the men of her family, leaving audiences disgusted.

"Karen please what men have money in your family??? What is River’s career???? QUICKLY!!! #thefamilychantel," wrote a viewer. "So wack. Can’t believe they did that. That was not the time or place. They are already married. Let it go. #thefamilychantel," wrote another fan. "Yup only Karen can ruin the wedding party by confronting Royal’s mother in law and Chantel bringing up the catfishing on Facebook again like drop it already #thefamilychantel" wrote another. "Why is Karen acting like the men in her family the only ones with money? #thefamilychantel" read another tweet.









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