'The Family Chantel' Fan Review: Viewers have nothing but pure hatred for Alejandro

'The Family Chantel' Fan Review: Viewers have nothing but pure hatred for Alejandro
Alejandro Padron in 'The Family Chantel' (TLC)

What's better than kicking back your shoes after a tiring day for some cheap thrills, family drama, and laughs? 'The Family Chantel' is an American reality TV show that airs on TLC. The popular reality drama focuses on Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno and their immediate families as they navigate an intercultural marriage. It is the first spin-off series of '90 Day Fiance', that follows an individual couple.

Here's the basic rundown of the show: After Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno fell in love on Chantel's trip to the Dominican Republic and secretly got engaged, Pedro went ahead to Atlanta, Georgia, where he and Chantel now live on a K-1 visa. Their story is one for the hall of fame and is documented on Season 4 of '90 Day Fiance'. The couple later starred on '90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?'. The reality show follows Chantel and Pedro as they work through intense family drama.


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A quick backstory will help us understand better why fans are all riled up against Nicole's boyfriend, Alejandro. First off, he has the audacity to pounce on his own girlfriend's brother, causing a big fight. He also lied to Pedro about where he went to college. Instead of taking the blame for his mistakes, the man covers up with more lies, solely because of his massive ego.

Here's what fans have to say about the show's recent events. 

One fan shared, "Ok Alejandro the only thing you can f***up is a parfum bottle #thefamilychantel", while another said, "Dude you're putting all of your money into your looks, meanwhile you're working at an authorized T-Mobile store, not even a corporate store. At least Pedro is planning to go to college to better himself. Clothes aren't a priority to him. #TheFamilyChantel". One fan tweeted, "Legend has it, the more Alejandro lies the pointier and higher his hair gets #TheFamilyChantel", while another said, "Alejandro, in order to get respect you have to earn it. #thefamilychantel". 









Stay tuned for new episodes of Season 3 of 'The Family Chantel' every Monday, at 8 pm ET/PT only on TLC.

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