'The Dropout' Episode 4: Fans dub Elizabeth 'truly evil woman' post heartless actions

'The Dropout' Episode 4: Fans dub Elizabeth 'truly evil woman' post heartless actions
Amanda Seyfried as Elizabeth Holmes in 'The Dropout' (Hulu)

Spoilers for 'The Dropout' Episode 4 'Old White Men'

Hulu dropped a fresh new episode of the compelling drama series 'The Dropout' which has Amanda Seyfried portrays the real-life entrepreneur Elizabeth Holmes who scammed many out of billions with her faulty blood testing machine.

So far on 'The Dropout', we saw Elizabeth let her morals go down the drain as Theranos, who was birthed to help patients, increasingly becomes corrupt with money causing her to become greedy for fame and power. So read on to know a bit about what happened in the fourth episode of 'The Dropout' and what fans had to say after watching. 


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Episode 4 saw Theranos managing to stay afloat with a boost from Sunny Balwani's (Naveen Andrews)funds but it won't last long which spurns Elizabeth into action, She sets her eyes on the pharmaceutical giant Walgreens and with her charms bags a meeting to secure a deal. A company like that doesn't easily come on board and they asked to check out her labs. But knowing that her tech is faulty she refuses under the guise of protecting company secrets. Elizabeth is willing to go to great lengths to secure funds which see her make some shady choices.

She decided to use the inaccurate machine on actual patients despite it not being FDA approved and even heartlessly fired an essential employee who doesn't like what she is doing. Elizabeth displayed a very conniving side and even dangles other companies in order to make Walgreen strike a deal with her. Fans who tuned in to watch were left shocked by her actions. Some compared her to another infamous scamster Anna Delvey and expressed their desire to see her behind bars. This is what they had to say.

A fan said, "So Elizabeth Holmes #TheDropoutHulu is the Anna Delvey #InventingAnna of the pharmaceutical industry. Whew, the things a young, yt girl can accomplish in America is never ending and amazing.", while another used commented, "Elizabeth Holmes is a truly evil woman. #TheDropout". A user tweeted, "Watching #TheDropoutHulu and tell me why at first I was rooting for miss Holmes but now im like girl someone lock this bitch up stat".

A viewer also said, "This show #TheDropout disrespecting my whole degree in clinical laboratory sciences … all that hard work and she scammed everyone", while another said, "Elizabeth Holmes is a freak #TheDropoutHulu". A fan also tweeted, "When Holmes fires Ole Boy using that deadeyed stare of hers, I asked out loud "Is there a soul in there?" #TheDropout".













'The Dropout' returns with new episodes on Hulu every Thursday.

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