'The Dropout' Episode 1-3 Review: Beginning of the end of a mind ahead of its time

'The Dropout' Episode 1-3 Review: Beginning of the end of a mind ahead of its time
Amanda Seyfried as Elizabeth Holmes, Naveen Andrews as Sunny Balwani in 'The Dropout' (Hulu)

Spoilers for 'The Dropout' Episodes 1-3

Hulu just dropped the show that has been highly anticipated for its plot that revolves around one of the most shocking rises and falls of a tycoon. 'The Dropout' is based on the ex-billionaire Elizabeth Holmes who was caught for fraud.

Starring Amanda Seyfried as Holmes, 'The Dropout' is a dramatized biographical account of the fall of the world's youngest self-made billionaire who scammed the American health care system by faking the accuracy of a supposedly revolutionary health and blood-testing device. The Hulu show will track the timeline of her brainchild and promises to be an intriguing watch that showcases a talented cast. With the show having had its premiere, here are our thoughts on the first three episodes.


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As the series begins, we see Elizabeth Holmes (Amanda Seyfried) on trial, being questioned about the shady, fraudulent deals made at Theranos that put the lives of millions at risk. She admits to having made some wrong choices but only because she wanted to do good, and the scene cuts to her at the peak of her success as she's crowned America's youngest self-made billionaire. She's always been an over-achiever with a dream to become a billionaire entrepreneur right from her younger days as we see the show detail the ups and eventual downfall of her company.

Amanda Seyfried as Elizabeth Holmes in 'The Dropout' (Hulu)


Amanda Seyfried does a stunning job embodying the former CEO. Right from altering her voice to mimic the distinctive deep voice of Elizabeth Holmes to the diction, it's quite evident that Seyfried has put in serious effort to resemble her. She hasn't been the most likable from the start and Seyfriend brings out her cringeyness well enough to leave you disliking the character whose morals start to grey as the desperation to succeed grows. Besides, the show also highlights important issues such as rape victims not being believed, the need to prove yourself just because you are a woman, and more. A scene that sees Holmes question the double standards stands out as she points out that Mark Zuckerberg is taken seriously despite how he dresses, while she is being asked to dress like a CEO. 

Amanda Seyfried as Elizabeth Holmes, Naveen Andrews as Sunny Balwani in 'The Dropout' (Hulu)


The first three episodes make for a captivating watch that showcases the birth of an idea that was ahead of its time. Dreams come at a cost and for Holmes and Theranos, it was at the cost of the lives of patients as they faked the blood test results. Turning theory into something practical is harder than it seems as the Theranos team finds out. However, with investors' money rolling in, the greed to succeed in the eyes of the world takes center stage. The premiere marked the beginning of the end for what was once deemed revolutionary.

The first three episodes of 'The Dropout' are available to stream on Hulu with new episodes to drop each Thursday.

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