'The Crisis on Infinite Earths' Part 1 leaves Mia as the new Green Arrow after her father's ultimate sacrifice

In the first episode of 'The Crisis On Infinite Earths', Green Arrow hands over the baton to his daughter Mia

                            'The Crisis on Infinite Earths' Part 1 leaves Mia as the new Green Arrow after her father's ultimate sacrifice
The Crisis on Infinite Earths Poster (Source : IMDB)

'The Crisis On Infinite Earths' arrived on December 8 for the heroes of The CW's Arrowverse. The skies turned red and universes were obliterated by an unstoppable wave of anti-matter.

The superheroes band together on Supergirl's Earth-38, which is yet to be annihilated, and take up the fight for their lives. There is a lot that happened in this episode, including an unexpected death, a visit to an alternate future, the packing in of Superman's story and the 'Titans' universe being wiped out in the blink of an eye.

While they were able to save many of the lives on Earth-38 before it was destroyed, the heroes were not completely successful. Out of seven billion, only three billion made it to Earth 1. And most of them owe their life to Green Arrow, who makes the ultimate sacrifice. 

We've been preparing for this send-off for a while, though it was a tad unexpected and startling that he would be killed off in the first episode itself.

However, we got a strong hint of this earlier in the episode. The key aspect was when Green Arrow (Stephen Amell) handed over his suit to his daughter Mia (Katherine McNamara). "You earned it," he tells her. His last words to Mia are, "Keep me in your heart."

With Oliver's death, the mantle of the Green Arrow is now in Mia's hands, which means Mia will take on the role if The CW orders a spinoff of the series.


Does Mia really want this? In an interview with EW, McNamara had said that this "was the toughest struggle for Mia" to be involved in all this.

"She was raised in a world in which vigilantes were villainized and she's come full circle with that having met her father and kind of gotten a look into the difficult choices he's had to make. Now, she's been through and worked through all of these issues and has a wonderful relationship with her father," she shared.

"She doesn't want the responsibility because she doesn’t want to lose him. She knows she can take it on. She knows she's ready for it. But she's finally filled the one missing piece of her life and doesn't want to lose that," McNamara added.

"That's kind of the tragedy. Yes, there always needs to be one Green Arrow, but there’s only one Green Arrow. So she knows that's coming to an end and it's difficult," she had shared. 

'The Crisis On Infinite Earths, Part 1' released on December 8 on The CW. 

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