Emmys 2019: HBO's 'Chernobyl' wins Outstanding Limited Series, 'When They See Us' fans disappointed

Emmys 2019: HBO's 'Chernobyl' wins Outstanding Limited Series, 'When They See Us' fans disappointed

'Chernobyl' was declared the winner at the Emmys 2019 for Outstanding Limited Series. The limited show from HBO that starred Jared Harris and Stellan Skarsgard gave us the raw and harrowing backstory of the 1986 nuclear disaster that disrupted life as was known in the Soviet Union. 

The creative team of the miniseries, including executive producer Craig Mazin, Carolyn Strauss, Jane Featherstone, co-executive producer Johan Renck, Chris Fry and producer Sanne Wohlenberh, took the stage to accept the award. In his acceptance speech, Mazin said the series showed "the value of the truth and the danger of the lie".   

"I hope that in some small way our show had helped remind people of the value of the truth," he added. Apart from winning Outstanding Limited Series, the show took home two other Emmys -- Writing for a Limited Series by Mazin and Directing for a Limited Series by Renck. 

Fans felt the victory was much deserved. "Chernobyl HBO wins the Emmy for best-limited series. Very well deserved. Most terrifying, anxiety-inducing show I’ve ever seen... gonna have to rewatch this," said a fan. 

However, fans of 'When They See Us' are upset about the show losing to 'Chernobyl'. "Can anyone verify if 'Chernobyl' was better than 'When They See Us'? Hard to think of a limited series more powerful than WTSU, but maybe 'Chernobyl' was,"  wrote another.

"The fact that 'When They See Us' lost. 'Chernobyl' was amazing, yes. But Chernobyl was a limited series. 'When They See Us' was a GLOBAL MOVEMENT. It was a REFERENDUM. Pi**ed for Ava, who also should've won the best director. Also pi**ed for the Central Park 5. Boo on the #Emmys," said another.


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