Netflix greenlights Salma Hayek-produced Mexican drama series 'Monarca'

Netflix greenlights Salma Hayek-produced Mexican drama series 'Monarca'
Salma Hayek (Source : Getty Images)

Netflix has greenlighted another international series - 'Monarca' - starring Salma Hayek; scheduled to begin production this fall. An original drama series from Mexico, the show will follow "the world of wealthy Mexican elites riddled by corruption, scandal, and violence" also starring Irene Azuela and Juan Manuel Bernal.

Furthermore, a description states that 'Monarca' is set "in the powerful world of Mexican billionaires and is a multi-generational family saga about a tequila-born Mexican business empire, and the battle that ensues when a member of the family decides to fight the dirty system her family helped create."

Netflix has given ahead for Hayek-produced Mexican drama 'Monarca' (Source: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images)

Speaking about her upcoming show, Hayek said: "I’m extremely excited to partner with Netflix, and to be working with amazing Mexican talent in front of and behind the camera. We are proud to show Mexico as a vibrant, sophisticated and culturally rich nation, fighting to control its own destiny."

'Monarca' was the brainchild of Diego Gutierrez, who also serves as the series' showrunner. The script has been penned by Lemon Studios' Fernando Rovzar, Julia Denis, Ana Sofia Clerici, and Sandra Garcia Velten. The show will be produced by Hayek's Ventanarosa Productions, Lemon Studios, and Michael McDonald's Stearns Castles.

Each of three studios boasts of an extensive resume. Ventanarosa produced Hayek's 2002 biopic 'Frida,' which went on to win two Academy Awards and cemented the actress' status as one of the Hollywood elite. Lemon Studios has similarly been behind the productions of 15 feature films and 12 television series while Stearns Castles is best-known for its Emmy Award-winning ABC series 'American Crime' and Showtime series 'Guerilla.'

Gutierrez expressed his excitement about working on the project. "This is the definition of a passion project for me," he said. "Having been born and raised in Mexico, I’m humbled to have the opportunity to tell this story with Netflix, and the incredibly talented team of people, we’re assembling, both in the US and Mexico."


Erik Barmack, the Vice President for International Originals at Netflix talked up the significance of Monarca. "Mexico is a top priority for us in which to continue to develop series," he said, adding: "and we look forward to bringing the best originals to the world through partnerships with key players such as Ventanarosa and Lemon Studios."

'Monarca' will see the popular streaming network continue its push for original content. They announced this past May that their new content policy would see them spend 85% of their $8 billion budget towards original TV shows, films, and other productions, with the platform expected to boast a 1,000 originals by the end of the year.

Around 470 of those will premiere between now and the end of the year, out of which 80 will be films ranging from 'sub-indie' low budget pictures to '$110 million blockbusters.'


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 Netflix greenlights Salma Hayek produced Mexican drama series Monarca