‘The Circle’ Season 5: Shubham ‘Shooby’ Goel returns to show as catfish Sasha to fool players

‘The Circle’ Season 5: Shubham ‘Shooby’ Goel returns to show as catfish Sasha to fool players
Season 1 player Shubham 'Shooby' Goel returns to 'The Circle' Season 5 (Netflix)

Spoilers for 'The Circle' Season 5

MANCHESTER, UK: ‘The Circle’ Season 5 is back with the next batch of episodes on Netflix, and things are surely heating up! With frequent new additions, the reality TV game show keeps getting interesting. And now, the series has decided to spice things up by bringing back an old face, Shubham ‘Shooby’ Goel, in the mix.

Shubham is a ‘The Circle’ veteran who almost won Season 1 but was defeated by Joey Sasso. Now, the player who claims to resent social media returned to the social media-centric game show for another shot at the grand prize. But there is a twist, after all. Unlike in Season 1, Shubham will not be playing as himself. He is now back on the series as a catfish called Sasha, with a mission to fool the rest of the players for a majority vote. Read on to know more.



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When Shubham entered Season 1, he decided to skip the pseudonyms and play as himself. According to Screenrant, Shubham explained in his introduction video that social media is the “modern-day bubonic plague.” Which was why he went on the show to prove he could win by being authentic. And despite his inexperience with social media, Shubham thrived in the game. But he tragically lost to an original player.


However, it seems he had not given up hopes of winning ‘The Circle’ just yet, as when Netflix asked if he would like to return, Shooby jumped at the chance. But in classic Circle style, the show set a condition that he must play as a catfish this time. So when Shubham entered the game, he was pretty shocked to learn that he had to catfish players as an attractive girl called Sasha. And while initially slightly dejected and claiming his “flirt game was not at the top,” Shooby decided to go all in with his new role and planned to fool his fellow contestants into voting for him to be the influencer. As per the Circle bio, Sasha is a blogger, but Shubham was free to “customize” his catfish avatar’s personality and profession. Deciding to include parts of his own personality, Shubham updated on ‘The Circle’ social media that Sasha worked as a tech blogger to make her more relatable.

On the first night, Shubham, along with his fellow new addition Tasia Lesley aka “Tamira,” were given a daunting challenge to win the most followers from the existing players. To prepare for the task, Shubham, as Sasha, struck an alliance with Billie-Jean Blackett, aka “Bruno.” The rules later also revealed that the player with the least followers would have to block one of the followers. And while Tamira won almost all the players to her side, barring Jennifer and Bruno, Shubham, as Sasha, was faced with the difficult choice of blocking someone from the game. In the end, he blocked Bruno, much to the latter’s dismay.


Billie-Jean Blackett, aka “Bruno” on 'The Circle' Season 5 (Netflix)
Billie-Jean Blackett, aka 'Bruno' on 'The Circle' Season 5 (Netflix)

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