‘The Circle’ Season 4: Influencers Frank and Carol decide to block one cast member

‘The Circle’ Season 4: Influencers Frank and Carol decide to block one cast member
John Franklin (Carol) and Frank in 'The Circle' (Netflix)

The new season of ‘The Circle’ is certainly the spiciest season ever. With new twists and turns along with the arrival of Mel B and Emma Bunton, one cannot predict what will happen next in Season 4.

The fantastic cast of the Netflix show has proved themselves to be intelligent and strategic players. But now things are about to get even more dramatic as the two influencers Frank and Carol have to choose which contestant they want to block from the Circle. Who do they block? Scroll down to find out.


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In Episode 1 cast members have to rate each other based on who they liked the most. While Frank and Carol who is originally John score the top 2 ranks, Paul who is played by Parker was rated the last. This results in Frank and Carol being the first influencers of the season. Additionally, they are given a big power where they have to decide who to block in the circle.
Later in Episode 2, both Frank and Carol have a private chat and they come down to Bru, Yu Ling, and Paul as to whom they want to block. While both of them have a weird vibe about Paul, John also reveals that he doesn’t trust Bru. This seems to disappoint Frank as he has a good connection with Bru. Despite the back and forth, they both finally come to a decision. Carol reveals to her cast members that they have decided to block Paul. Parker Abbott who is catfishing Paul is shocked and starts crying. While the rest of the cast are relieved that they are saved, an emotional Parker cries saying, “That really sucks”.

Parker Abbott in 'The Circle' (Netflix)

However, the drama doesn’t end here as Parker is given an offer to meet one contestant face to face and she chooses Carol. Both the catfish of the seasons are shocked to see each other. Even though Parker wanted to confront Carol about blocking her, having learned about the truth, Parker wishes John the best and leaves on a happy note. Parker is revealed to the rest of the cast as well, in a video and she gives them advice saying “Don’t trust anyone”. Will Parker’s statement raise doubts about Carol among the rest of the cast? Stay tuned to ‘The Circle’ to find out.

The first four episodes of Season 4 of 'the Circle' are available on Netflix.

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