'The Circle' Season 4: Angry fans slam Yu Ling for letting Alyssa play her while blocking Crissa

'The Circle' fans go wild after seeing their favorite player Crissa leave the show due to politics

                            'The Circle' Season 4: Angry fans slam Yu Ling for letting Alyssa play her while blocking Crissa
Yu Ling and Alyssa in 'The Circle' Season 4 (Netflix)

Honesty, deceit, and devious ties are a few of the key factors for players of 'The Circle' to win the social media-based game, and looks like the contestants of the new season will go to any length to win a grand prize. The goal of the game is to gain popularity but the caveat is that they can only communicate through a specifically built titular messaging app, allowing for complete anonymity (and catfishes). However, the newest elimination from the show has left fans furious with the contestants' choices.

Crissa Jackson, who won over the world by playing an honest game, was one of these clever contestants in Season 4. In the end, her transparent game plan was what brought her down on the show. The former Harlem Globetrotter played well, rallying a big audience and getting off to a solid start. Even though Crissa was liked by practically everyone, she did not have as many strong alliances as the rivals.


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Yu Ling in 'The Circle' Season 4 (Netflix)


Yu Ling and her fellow competitor, Alyssa, could block the second contestant of the season after being ranked top. When the two met (not in person), they had to decide the destiny of the other participants. They started with Bru with whom they had the oldest alliance. Bru invited Alyssa and Yu Ling Wu to the "20 Somethingish Squad" group chat at the start of this season. However, the benign chat he was undoubtedly looking for quickly turned into an explicit one, with topics ranging from dating and sex toys to them being in a "throuple," and eventually, even three-way kisses. The indisputable fact, however, is that this affiliation not only constituted the first meaningful alliance for each of them — Yu Ling, Alyssa, and Bru — but it also formed their trust bubble. They could express themselves freely in their discussions without fear of being judged, which led them to believe that they would all have each other's backs in the long term. This made Bru immune and safe from the elimination.

This prompted Yu Ling and Alyssa to choose between Crissa, Frank, and Momma Carol. Both Alyssa and Yu Ling agree that they like Frank and would want to see him stay for a while. Momma Carol, on the other hand, approached both Alyssa and Yu Ling on two separate occasions, claiming that she was the one who ensured their safety from the first round of elimination (when Carol was among the top two influencers).

The girls were then left with Crissa. Despite Yu Ling's desire to save Crissa after speaking with her and Frank earlier that day, Alyssa's opinions for her swayed her decision in the end. She wanted to value Alyssa's viewpoint for the blocking since she also wanted to have Alyssa as an alliance in the future. When asked what she thought of Crissa, Alyssa had a harsh response. According to Alyssa, "I have almost no relationship with Crissa because she never shares nothing...she holds her cards too close to her chest, so I don't think she'll ever gain genuine trust from me at least." When Yu Ling tries to explain to Alyssa what Crissa had previously told her and Frank about how she had their backs without their awareness, Alyssa is skeptical. According to Alyssa, Crissa never had the authority or position to save a contestant. All of these considerations contributed to the girls' decision to block, Crissa.

However, none of these were warmly received by the audience. Fans flocked to Twitter to criticize Yu Ling for allowing Alyssa to influence her decision. One of the fans wrote: "Why you idiots blocked Crissa?! This was the perfect time to block Carol. Yu Ling you let Alyssa sway you man. That b***h! #TheCircle #TheCircleNetflix"


Another disappointed fan tweeted: "Yu Ling!!! I was rooting for your dvmb a*s. I can’t believe you let Alyssa play you into keeping a catfish in the game. Wow. Crissa deserved!! #TheCircle"


Fans were especially angrier at Alyssa for blocking Crissa for no apparent reason. One of them wrote: "Soooo this b***h Alyssa can check in with Nate, but block Crissa because she “never got to know her” girl bye! I can’t believe I liked this fake a*s IG model at first! #TheCircle"


Another angry fan tweeted: "Now see, I thought it was just me seeing things but she kept saying that Crissa was a threat when she barely said 2 words to her and still convinced Yu Ling to block her pissed me the f**k off! #TheCircle"


All-new episodes of 'The Circle' Season 4 are now streaming on Netflix.

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